Snow Leopard Story


This is something that I had been working on about two months ago. I haven’t gotten around to finishing it, but I would like some opinions on how it is so far, as it’s my first time personifying myself through my writing. Hope you enjoy!

I stand upon the cliff. Hard winds thrash my fur and my gaze settles down the cliff-side. Crystalline snow hits my face and my ears cave.
My brotherhood of the hunt engage in a chase below me. Indifferent, they do not look up at me. They are focused on their prey - our prey!
Snow flutters from my pelt and my bones crackle as I prepare my leap. I lunge from the bluff, landing softly on the snow. My feet crunch as they leave the powder for a successive bound. The snow blooms when I touch down. My legs kick back, springing my body forward; I sprint.
My radiant body alone heats the air as I slice through it. I am glowing. My fur is clean as I hit snow bank after snow bank.

I see them through the blizzard engulfing us. The black rock around me shines with reflection of my fur. The growls of my brethren fill my ears. They’re closing in now, we can feel it. Trees are not far off. Ice gleams off them. I can see a splash of snow near the start of the tree line. I bend my legs for another leap. The snow breaks beneath me as I bound myself to the air. A trail of diamonds follows behind me. They land soft on the ground below. As if they had wings. I land hard, weaving myself through the trees that surround me. I can see our prey. I feel it’s fear.

The trees around me a dashed with fluffed white paint. My body dashes between them. Every bound I make bursts the ground to life. Snow flies into the air. The tree leaves shake. The ground obeys to my will, giving it’s hardest feel. The heart inside of me grows stronger. With every beat I feel my body come to life. My muscles pull and stretch with each movement. The fur that protects me still gleams. My body was made for this. The smell of blood fills me. My heart beats faster, harder than ever before. A white glow surrounds me. The energy inside bursts out. I am engulfed in my desires. I growl with excitement. The prey is in sight. My brethren join me. We are a pack now. Our bodies work as one. Each bound is synchronized. Every beat of our hearts are together.

We can smell it now. Sweat beating off it’s skin. It’s young, stupid. It did not heed it’s parents warning. Now it is prey. Our prey leaves behind tatterd foot prints. Snow kicks around it as it panics. It can not out run us, but it does not know that. With every gallop the trees shake. It’s crying for help. Help knows that it now cries the cry of death. Help will not come. It’s fur shines with frozen fears. Snow laces it’s eyes. It can no longer see. It can only feel fear. It can only see death. We can only see prey.

We split off. Two go around for a flank while I and three others chase on. A hunt like this does not happen often. We usually go one by one. Taking our own game. This is different. There is more to this than just this simple prey. If we had wanted to, we would’ve eaten this prey already. But we haven’t, and for good reason. We need it as a guide. It’s leading us somewhere. It’s leading us to Help. When we arrive it shall be a slaughter. But we aren’t there yet. We’re close now. Only a few hundred feet. I can see its heart pounding from its chest. Every muscle stretches and pulls. Trying their hardest to push our prey on. I open my mouth. Teeth shining like the rocks of the mountain. Large and sharp. Made to break skin. Made to eat prey. My eyes glisten with the feel of satisfaction. They glow with a vibrant blue. A blue that brings nightmares to our prey.

Their hearts can be heard now, loud and proud. All beating to the beat of fear. We are their death, painted in beautiful shades of black, white, and grey. Our claws our scythes, sharp and gleaming. Ready to do the work of death. Our teeth the cold touch of death, the last feeling before no feeling at all. We are one beast of death. We are a poison. We are a sickness, spreading like a wildfire. We are disciples of the hunt, patrons of death. We are an all mighty force. We do not stop. We do not falter. We do not hesitate. We kill. We eat. We hunt.


0/10 not enough water or words





I’m talking about wild Snow Leopards, not really the ones to be lying around. That Gif is adorable though.


I’ll just leave this here…


I like it but unless they are young adolescent leopards they do not hunt in packs…and if they are really young, this prey will most likely escape…unless you’re taking this is a whole other direction. Otherwise, good start.


It’s actually based of a rare occurrence. On occasion, a family of pack of Snow Leopards hunt together. I read it in an article a while back when I was really interested in Snow Leopards at a physical and psychological state.


I was also planning on me running off solo and getting into a tough chase with another prey.


It’s your story so you can do anything…you can place the timeframe into the future when maybe the snow leopard population has realized they must pack up to have a better survival chance…or maybe prey got a whole lot larger…or smarter. There’s a pride of lions in Africa that actually started to hunt predominantly elephants. Anything’s possible.


I know, but I’d like it be grounded in reality. A lot of the stuff I write isn’t, so this is a little bit of a challenge. It’s been a lot of fun though.


I thought that’s what you were gonna say :stuck_out_tongue: .


Nah, wouldn’t do that. A little too cliché.