Sniper rewards!


This is my first suggestion to the really well balanced game!

So its true the medics do alot already, but they are both equipped with snipers. the snipers add hit modifiers that allow the team to do more damage. to me a snipers “skill trait” is aiming really well. so my suggestion is this. add a 2x and 3x multiplier for those eagle eye snipers out there. in my mind its going to me NEAR IMPOSSIBLE to hit those small markers twice in a row on a normal rampaging monster. so if a gifted or lucky sniper can hit it twice. that marker will change color to indicate that all damage on that spot does Double damage or 2x the amp(so one shot is 1.3 damage. 2 shots would be 1.6). For laz maybe a smaller multiplier since he has a really fast rifle.

Thanks for reading and keep up the good work!


Val’s sniper delivers a 2X "tag on the monster, Laz’s sniper delivers 1.5X tags. I think if you manage to hit that spot again with a sniper, you deliver the standard multiplier and renew the tag. Your “skill shots” will be hitting a tag on the monster’s head. Interested to learn about the next medic’s sniper


i think the next one will be offensive focused. maybe each class has like a middle ground, a offensive and a defensive type.


I think this too. Maybe a battle medic who is heavily focused on weapons as well as healing


Just out of curiosity, what does everyone think the new medic’s “healing” method will be? Try and keep it realistic as possible


welp. two come to mind for me. one will be a “lifesteal” device that will damage the monster and bounce off to a member of the team. the other is an assault rifle for damage with a healing aoe grenade launcher attached to the bottom. meaning she/he never has to switch weapons.


I’m thinking it’s some sort of “beacon” device which the Hunters can stand around and get healed slowly over time, of course they will have to move away from it if the Monster gets away so when they do catch up to the Monster again, the Medic can place a new one, obviously destroying the old one that they placed. Plus the Monster can destroy said beacon if it takes enough damage.

That’s just my guess anyway! :smile:


The lifesteal is an absolutely brilliant idea. Never would of thought of that and it would fit perfectly with a battle medic. Maybe if you had to take health from the monster to get “ammo” for it; then it would also fit in with the unlimited ammo weapons. Gonna make sure I remember this just incase Turtle Rock need suggestions in the future


Sounds cool. I had an idea the other night of a medic who needs to get fairly close to a hunter but can fully heal them instantly if done right, dunno hoe OP that’d be though


I think the next medic should run around with a wet sponge and bucket much like a sunday league “physio” the sponge would be applied to the hunters “area” and instantly give them an adrenaline burst increasing fire rate and power. Also instead of a sniper rifle he will spit generic insults that will demoralise the monster slowing him down and bringing shame on his family, thoughts?


LMAO, that would be hilarious. Japanese accent “Ho, you bring much dishonor to your ancestors. You have proven to be weak young Godzilla wannabe”