Sniper/Ninja as assault!


I think about 2 different types as an assault.

First a Sniper
1: a sniper rifle: high damage, low shooting rate and it’s needing a certain distance (like the morter from torvald)
2: the personal shield
3: a personal sporecloud: the sniper is nearly invisible for the Monster
4: a Mini shotgun: high damage, low Range

The Ninja
1: a sword: low Range, high damage
2: shuriken: when the Monster gets a hit , it can’t jump of Fly for a short moment
3: Personal shield: it lasts longer than the other shields
4: Rage modus: like parnell (stronger and faster , but lower health


Both of them sort of have skills that seem like other class skills. He can keep a monster from jumping? That sounds painful with Griffin on a team. And if the Assault could make his team disappear with spore clouds and Slim could, you would never be able to smell.


I like the ninja idea though, a lot!!! I really hope they make a melee assault. Maybe instead of slowing the monster, which would assist the whole team, maybe he could have a personal jetpack booster? I always picture a melee assault with one of these, like Sunnys but it only boosts his own jetpack for a short time. This way he can keep in a monsters face, wailing on them, even if Kraken is flying.


I think you would like this then Mobility niche Assault Concept - Ava, Laser Welder


Why not have the ninja able to travel from one location to another in a certain area?

Like lets say he/she is getting killed by a monster. She can throw down some sort of hand held machine, and it woud create an electric cloud and would “teleport” him/her to a random or specific location.


Still waiting for that Melee Hunter…


Like this idea a lot to!!! I’m praying for a teleport Hunter. Frankly I wish Laz had a short range teleport instead of a cloak, I think his build would be insanely tricky. I always pictured the teleport to be straight forward, if you could throw an object and teleport where it landed, that would be crazy cool. It would need a long cooldown, but would be the ultimate escape to being cornered.


Right!!! I think this guy is thinking too small… I shall begin the call for the Sniper Ninja assault