Sniffing albinos as monster


As a monster When i am sniffing out albinos they are rarely showing and when they do it shows the star at the top right hand of my screen. Once it shows once I am unable too see it again as it doesnt go over the alive body nor the courpse if its killed. is it intented too only be sniffed once and thats it? A lot of the the time i had too eat the courpses of the creature i know has the buff just to get it.


You actually have to hover your cursor over the albino for it to actually see if it had an ability.


Yea i understand that part. What im saying is though, i go into a new area i SNIFF, i spot an albino the star appears over its head during the sniff for like 0.5 seconds then dissapears. Now when i sniff again it doesnt show im asking if thats intended. It Doesnt matter if I have the cursor on or not, the sniffs after the first will not show the star, and sometimes I dont even see the star or buff message I just eat the courpse and get the buff. Doesnt seem too realiable.


I’ve been annoyed by this as well. Getting a damage buff off a sloth, then killing a cluster of reavers and accidentally eating an elite one, giving you a terrible perk and removing a good one… That sucked. Also it means you’ll pass by albinos a little, which is not fun. :confused:


just kill everything and you always get perks (y)


Yes I have this problem as well. The star just briefly appears and then never again. Quite annoying.


nantes have you found a solution too making it work or even half work? Every game i play i have this problem.


forgot this laptop came with a streaming platform, here take a look see what i mean im assuming thats not normal.


Bump Looking for some dev insight on this. Would like to know what the intended mechanic is suppose to be here.


Then you gotta call our good friend @MrStrategio


Think it was meant to be harder for monster to find them. Just look for a white beast they stick out like a sore thumb compared to all the others because there all typically dark colored to blend in like real wildlife.


I hate this part of being monster. Hope they fix it. PC