Sniff too strong? Hardcore mode feature maybe?


Hello, I feel like the sniff feature for the monster may be too strong. I’m an avid monster player myself i enjoyed it, however I felt like the instant “Radar” effect was unskillful especially when i picked up the increased sniff range. It made it impossible for the hunters to come up on me unaware. I feel like it should be rebalanced to a cone, that way there would be some skill to it’s useage. Any thoughts?

Edit: Rebalancing to a cone or full frontal vision when sniff activates. Decreasing the range of sniff at higher evolution stages?

Edit:Possible as a Hard core feature at the very least?


I really cant be skill based because the monster also needs his smell to see wildlife and birds. Making it skill based would make the monster under powered


This is exactly my point, when using the smell ability do i sniff forward for food or backward to check and see if the hunters are on my trail? This won’t make the monster underpowered, being as how often you can sniff at once. but will require more skill to use in the same way as before.


I agree on the smell perk being over powered but even if you can see the hunters doesn’t mean you can just teleport away the smell is just so you know when you have to gtfo but most of the time the hunters still find the monster when they are that close


I’m not sure if you’ve watched monsters with a heavy stealth play style before. but imagine this 30% more smell range as the monster’s perk. With this having a full 360 coverage. he’s constantly popping this thing off every 3-4 seconds looking forward for food and turning to look behind him all the time when he sees the hunters most of the time they are behind a wall and if he is sneaking he leaves no tracks. Now the hunters may see carcasses but will not have a direct LOS on the monster because of how his smell works. and he can let them bypass him and back track. I have done this more times than i can count to hunters in the big alpha even when it was near the end and i was in a room of 25-30+ hunters. If it was based as a cone this wouldn’t be possible and the monster would have to take time out of searching for food in order to cover his own tracks.


Remember, sniffing can be heard by hunters. I was a spam sniffer and this led to my downfall a few times. Just because I can sniff them out doesn’t mean I can always make a great escape sneaking off. My strategy last alpha was mainly using sneak and sniff and it didn’t end well for me several times.


I somehow find myself agreeing with you, yet I wouldn’t change it. Map awareness is one of the key advantages for the monster… It’d be worth testing, I suppose.


There are other ways to track the monster such as birds and daisy. Also Goliath will leave two footprints when he lands from a jump( even when you jump while sneaking) and Kraken’s air dash leaves prints that Dasiy can track aswell as a visual for the players


And me thinking i had seen every possible ridiculous questions.

Smelling has been in since evolve had its name basically, it has had time to be balanced over the course of years, and if you smell with hunters nearby they will hear a sniff sniff sound, and it makes sense for the monster to have such an ability like that, the range is also quite balanced, if u exclude the smell range perk, which was one of my favourites i might add.


I would say that with the smell perk or the spotter the smell is ridiculously strong, simply due to the fact that if you double the smell range, you quadruple the area that the smell covers. Of course, I would also say that even the default smell range is fairly ridiculous, but that’s a personal opinion.


Heeey, don’t call that question ridiculous, it’s perfectly legitimate. Not nice! >:C


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Sniffing is a potent skill that the monster NEEDS to have. While the perk makes the Sniff ability very overpowered, the sniff ability itself is not.

When you nerf sniff, you are reducing the monster’s pre-3 survival ability. The monster does not start off at full power, and needs to grow to gain it’s full potential. The hunters start at full power when they land on the ground, and do not fall off in power.

I hope I’m making sense here, but if you nerf the monster’s sniff, you are ruining his ability to survive against the hunters before stage 3.


Of course i understand that the monster Needs this to survive. however i am only stating that the 360 sniff is just too strong itself. even if it was a 180 Sniff it would be at least somewhat more skillful and you would have to think about how you use it instead of it being a mindless “Press this button for vision :Q_” It would be nice to have a developer explain the evolution of how they put sniff together and how much balancing it went through before becoming what it is now.


False. You can leap and as long as you don’t press forward during the leap and stand still when you land and then immediately crouch, no footprints left behind. However, it REALLY slows you down and generally isn’t too useful. I find that sneaking and leaping onto a climbable surface to be very good as the Hunters are usually on the ground looking for clues.


They tried using upwind and downwind methods at one point but found that it didn’t play out right. I liked the idea of an elliptical sniffing pattern but I agree with the Devs in that it changes too much of the game depending on where the ‘wind blew’. If the elliptical wind pattern didn’t work, I’m sure they simply tried the pattern as the cone without wind. This would be the easiest to test out before leaping straight to a 360 circle. But that is just a guess.


I dont hate the sniffing mechanism, but I do find it less thrilling to play around with. If the sniff system worked like a sonar it should open up some interresting mind games.


There’s a counter to the sniff on the Hunter’s side. One purpose for Support’s team cloak is to use it to sneak up on the monster. He can’t smell you when you’re invisible. You leave footprints he can smell, but then you can just jetpack. I think a lot of the time, the monster will assume the Hunters are out of range because he can’t see them, or he can’t get a solid beat on their location and they have an advantage of a surprise attack.

A cone-shaped smell range on a Stage 1 would be a severe disadvantage more than a balance, IMO. I used the smell range perk for a while in alpha, and it was incredibly useful, but didn’t make me unstoppable (though I wasn’t the best monster player, either; I was still learning). There are so many other relevant perks, too. I ended up settling on feeding speed over smell range.

Also, you should consider what the Hunters will have available at release: Cabot’s massive radioactive dusting, Abe’s 45-second long darts that also tag wildlife, Val’s sniper-tranqs, and Bucket’s UAV. All of this will make you visible anywhere on the map when they hit you, yet you’d just have this cone-shaped smell range that consumes valuable time.


I personally don’t feel like sniffing needs a nerf, but if the devs decide later on that it does I reckon a better nerf would be to have a cool down on it to prevent people spamming it and allowing windows of time for the hunters to get in unnoticed.


Makes sense to me. Good monster players seem to be sniffing every 3 seconds.