Sneaky A.I


Has anyone else ever seen the A.I. Do something like this or I’m I just surprised for no real reason lol. Either way I’ve never seen it and wanted to share:)


Wow I have never seen that


It would have been a little better if he was facing you, but still pretty cool!


sweeeeeeeetttttttt! The monsters are learning!


I saw it in a beat the pro once, the monster got disconnected by mistake and the AI monster climbed up a cliff piece in sneak position and hided there (It was on broken hill mine, you know all those small areas where you can go up and hide, not alof of ppl do it or know about it but got really impressed that the bot did that)


Ai was probably going

“Im stage 3… but theres no relay… HALP”


Hurrr durr durr durr, look at this-OH CRAP MISSILES!

Ive never seen an A.I. monster, especially Kraken, try to…“sneak”, like that. Prob just a glitch, or maybe the future of Elder Kraken.


Ive seen the AI sneak sometimes to hide its tracks.

And I swear Ive seen it try to double back while sneaking (doesnt pay attention to a cloaked support).


In the beginning it always doubles back you just have to figure out which one it true


Seen this twice.
In a solo match, the A.I. meteor Goliath attempt to hide in a bush. (And it would’ve worked if it weren’t for the Survey Satellite).
Another time, it was Wraith.


I’ve seen this before too. Monster hid in a bush, and a tiny bush. I came around corner and was like seriously. And stared at kraken, it was look at me too.

The staring contest when on for like 8 secs. Before I shot it then it started viciously attacking us