Sneaking really needs a bugfix


Sneaking really isn’t working, several games now I’ve been playing monster and sneak directly from the start and the hunters come straight toward me in the first few minutes.

When I ask how they find me so easily they tell me I left ‘shit loads of footprints’, when they choose to not gloat (such a wonderful community this game has) can you please fix this so the server puts the monster in the same mode that is showing on my screen or at least let me see my own footprints as monster as every time there are none on my screen and my monster is doing the stealth animation.

I’m sick of this kind of shit nearly every other game as monster, thank you.


What monster are you playing?

I have literally no problems with sneaking. Has to be on your end or something.


I’d like to see a replay. I have a few suspicions, but don’t want to say anything until I see how your games go. I’d like to narrow it down, as at the moment they are all over the place.


Hunters learn to counter monsters that sneak at start, it’s a good thing…


Wraith, she’s all curled up, pads along the ground no tracks on my screen.


The hunters specifically stated that I left ‘shit loads of footprints’.


That would explain the issue? Try not to leave more I guess.


Her sneaking is a little harder to tell, when she uses her hands to walk amongst the ground then that is when she is sneaking.


Sounds like you might be accidentally leaving sneaking… using mobility? Rare bug? (definitely rare) or perhaps the hunters were full of shit and got lucky? Gobi spotted you?

Whenever you sneak pounce and kill wildlife you leave a footprint so daisy may be tracking you…


Try reading comprehension. If you’re going to leave glib, unhelpful replies I will too.


That was not sarcasm… You said they saw footprints, I said try not to leave them. Simple fix, no? @KingWut117 offered other alternatives, so honestly…


In your terms, yes. But OP stated he was consistently sneaking, which should leave none, not a “shitload”. Meaning something is taking him out of sneak without him knowing or a bug…maybe…

Either way, its tough to tell without a video.

My only tip is if you are sneaking, and you pounce wildlife, you exit sneak. Make sure you reenter it before you start walking away from your meal. You may know this, but like I said, without video, its hard to tell.


Yeah, and I said I was sneaking from the start, and not leaving any footprints. Monsters can see if they leave any footprints, they show up green, no footprints on my screen should translate into no footprints for the hunters.


If you warp, or eat, it can leave a footprint. Happens to me occasionally. When that happens, I turn around; and go to the other side of the map.


Yeah, I’ll try shadowplaying when I get monster in future. It’s happened before.


Okay, so you’re sure you were sneaking? Sometimes it’s hard to tell with Wraith. Furthermore tracks don’t always appear on your screen immediately. Warping leaves tracks as well. Possibly it could be bugged but I have never heard of such a thing, so I doubt it.

Or maybe the Hunters just tracked you down and used Dust, UAVs, Daisy, Crow, Darts, Sensors, AccelField, tranqs and all manner of voodoo things and trolled you.


I know I can see my tracks as monster. But I only see them when I loop back to someplace I already was or I finished eating a large meal. So I do believe there is a delay from when they appear, just don’t know what that time is.


Did a warp scratch floors