Sneaking as monster?


why the hell do monsters even have that option ???

either they have maggie with an autotracker - the stupid dog, wich makes sneaking impossible.
And you cant backtrack your footsteps either, since the fecking dog is on auto gps system.

or they have crow, wich sends out his bat in all directions.

And Cabot with his dust.

and, if they dont catch and kill you with this.

there is always the birds, either you walk past them and they fly up…
OR, you eat, and they come down. ???

seriously. why do monsters even have the feckin option to sneak ?? makes no sense at all ffs.

Oh, and if they have a sunny instead of cabot. you could just give up right away.
her jetpackboost is highly op. the speed is insane.
I have been boosted by her a few times. moved me so fast, i moved PAST the monster.
And the monster had a good head start…

oh yes. i played goliath wich is pretty much as useless as behemoth.
Crow can perma slow. Abe can perma slow. the medic can perma slow.
and if you face 2 of these together !!!.. wow. i just give up right away. i just stay at spawn point.
there is litteraly no use no try and run, if the hunters are any decent.

the only monster that is playable atm, against the new extra hunters… are kraken.
He is the only flyable monster, wich makes him op as hell, and get some CDR on him.
then the hunters can give up instead…

I totaly understand why there are only a few thousand people left on this game.
And i bet more are leaving since the new hunters came…


If your good as a sneaker, you can get away with quite a lot. I use it against trappers like Griffin or Abe where it is incredibly effective. You just have to modify your playstyle to suit whoever your facing. If your fighting a maggie-cabbot team you want to simply out-run them ( a totally viable strategy). But if your facing hunters without good passive tracking skills you might want to sneak to either gain an advantage on them or to throw them off of your tracks and get far away.


Agreed with the impostor. ^.^

Sneaking can be used to dodge quite well. Don’t sneak 24/7 though, it usually doesn’t work.


daisy’s sneak-detect movement is slower than a monster moving in sneak. Get a good lead, start sneaking at a crossroads, move as far as you can while staying out of sight, and if they do find you quickly they’ll probably be scattered, giving you a timely advantage.


Well the idea is to be misleading with your tracks. For example (and this works 95% of the time), when a game of Hunt starts, I purposely lead tracks away from the starting point (not far maybe like 30 ft of tracks) immediately enter sneak mode, and head in the opposite direction. This almost ALWAYS throws off the Hunters, as they will assume I went in my original direction and began sneaking in that direction. Most Hunters will ignore Daisy until they realize they have been decieved (which they usually realize about 2 mins after the game has started), and if they arent using Daisy, most hunters wont even realize Im not where they think I am until I trigger scare birds or attract carrion birds. To prevent such things, I eat in caves and sometimes I can make it to Stage 3 without being found ^.^


Sneak starts are very useful against Trappers that aren’t Maggie.

Gobi won’t fly in all directions, and unless he gets extremely lucky he will struggle to find you at first if you don’t leave him tracks.

Cabot’s Dust is only good if the Hunters have already spotted you.

I hate the Carrion Birds personally, because I feel they weaken intelligent sneaking and encourage mindless eat and run strategies.

Tip on the Jetback Booster - if the Trapper just slingshotted into you, he is probably on his own for a bit while the Hunters catch up - you can often counter this by downing him quickly.

Goliath is fine, and like most Monsters barely spends any time walking in fights.

You have massive Leap traversals as well as Leap Smash and Charge as extra movement abilities when you need them.

Use them and your vastly superior movement in terrain to break LoS.

The slows do not stack.


lol… sneaking against abe of griffin. yes. thats not the problem.

The problem is Maggie and Crow mainly. wich makes sneaking impossible.
Crows bat doesnt care if you try to backtrack at a crossroad, he simply sees everything anyways.

And about maggie. sneaking to stop the dog abit… doesnt help against a decent hunter team.

they spread out as they move forward, and listen for sounds aswell.


I don’t even know why people use Daisy as an example, honestly as a monster who sneaks A LOT I have never had an issue with Daisy leading the team to me. I sneak and I eat and she never comes close to me. I never have an issue with Cabot, birds don’t bug me because by the time the hunters get there I am already gone, having snuck away to a new location.

Crow is my only annoyance because I often sneak very close to the hunters, letting them run right past me and Gobi makes it really hard to stay still and not be discovered.


@EyeOfCharon had a pretty good sneak video on XO live, can u share it here Eyes?


Sneaking always has the risk, that you get randomly spotted by the abilities you named or simply that you couldn’t fool all other 4 players.

I wouldnt recommend sneaking against anything but abe/griffin. There is no real point when you can safely be evolve ready the moment they reach you, if you chose to go loud.


But… You can’t sneak in EVERY match against EVERY hunter. Use different strats against different hunters.


Have you played as monster lately Pappus… ???

its either maggie or crow. very very very rarely its another hunter than these 2.
so its impossible to get away as monster.

The good groups i have faced, they dont need these either, they just move forward spread 20-30 meters apart.
Wich kinda covers the entire fecking map moving forward.

My fastest game was 1 min 30 sec or so.
And i played hunter. so i know, the hunters have every possible advantage.

But, the main thing that ruins the game, are the fecking stupid birds.
Either you walk past and they react. or they come down when you eat.
And there is nothing the monster can do about it. wich is kinda stupid imo.

Sure, you can get a buff that birds ignore you. but you have to FIND that buff first…


HEY!.Daisy is not stupid. Hmph!



Sneaking + Skill = get away from any trapper.


Yeah if your against a really good premade team your only option is kraken
behemoth is too slow and for some reason melts faster then wraith
goliath is balanced
hunters are not
Wraith just got gutted
her speed is as fast as the other monsters and her damage is so meh now
If you get caught at stage 1 thats game over


I don’t really agree with Crow since Gobi has a very narrow strip that he can search, but I can’t agree enough with the carrion birds and Maggie and Daisy. I was playing as Goliath, threw off a false trail going the opposite way as me, hear the dropship, go ahead to kill my first wildlife, look behind me, literally within thirty seconds of them dropping, Maggie and Daisie are there staring at me, and I get domed with zero armor. I escape with maybe two bars of health, get a lead, and try sneaking around a rock, hoping that they’ll walk right past it and keep going. NOPE, Daisy goes other direction, finds me and I get domed again and I give up and let them kill me.

Earlier game, I shit you not, attracted carrion birds 10 times, TEN TIMES. Early in the match, first few wildlife killed, carrion birds come, and I run and put enough distance that I feel comfortable to hunt again, first wildlife, again the birds come. This went on maybe five or six times after, and I was going to rage quit if I get revealed again before stage three, but luckily I managed to win because the team was uncoordinated. If I was facing a competent team, I probably would’ve died within a few minutes of the match.

I feel that carrion birds should come every time you reach a certain level of your evolve meter. This prevents the monster from being undetected throughout stage 1 while also eliminating random chance affecting your ability to remain off radar. As for Daisy, she needs a limit to how she can track you, along the lines of only being able to find you if you’re close enough to her, but right now she completely eliminates the strategy of throwing off the hunters with false trails or sneaking around them.


Yeah you have to look for your enemys and how you can counter them.

Maggie has daisy so you dont have to sneak, but if you are an clever guy you wont get domed by maggie. Why? Cause you can see daisy, everytime you see daisy run into the other direction, even if theire are hunters, the trapper wont be theire, cause maggie is where daisy are.

Iam not good at sneaking i get caught nearly everytime close to stage 2 but if you have enough distance its a good move to wait in an bush or something like that an hope that the hunters will run away from you. Then you can go in the other direction and get an sure evolve to stage 2.


No they don’t. If you set it in your mind to kill one of them, they will die. And then you will keep hitting them till they’re on that dropship and your enemies are at 75% strength.

And then you will kill them.


Don’t sneak as much. I’m serious. It is completely overrated.

I used to be a primarily Wraith player, and stealth is definitely her focus. But if you’re using a Goliath, don’t even bother unless it’s to shake an enemy on your trail.

Example; Gobi tags you. He sees you moving to the left edge of the map. Start sneaking and backtrack. You can get away with this more than you would think