Sneak turning off after eating


Anyone in alpha and beta experience that after a sneak attack and eating wildlife, you are no longer in sneak mode and have to enter it again instead of it being on automatically? I found this to be horrible against sound spikes as 1 step will alert the hunters. I have worked on making sure personally after eating to see if I am in sneak mode.

Is this how it is suppose to work or should stealth mode stay active when eating?


I think it’s intended. Otherwise you would be sneaking after a failed pounce in combat.


I would expect this is part of the design, otherwise this would give Monster a ridiculous advantage over sound spikes. I don’t mind the snapping out of it. It means you’re always thinking about what you’re doing.


I believe it is intended.


the problem is that you do not see that well if you are sneaking or not, so you maybe leave a print if you want to sneak. holding ctrl is no guarantee to sneak.


If you’re sneaking and you’re not “watching your 6,” then you’re doing it wrong. :grimacing:


if you complicate controlls to make it harder to master monster, you are doing something wrong.


Hah I just posted a topic about the exact same thing and they told me about your topic. Telepathy much?


Controls are not complicated, what you are suggesting is simplyfing them. Simply put, if nothing would unstealth you then your job would be too easy. I don’t think it is THAT hard to remember to go into stealth mode.


not simplifiying them, rather streamlining them. 15 years of gaming taught me to HOLD ctrl to crouch, now there comes a game where it HAS to be toggled? Correct me if i am wrong.


Wait wait, I thought the issue was unstealthing after eating.


i hold ctrl, i eat, now i have to release ctrl and press it again. is that correct?


Oooo-kay, then.

It’s not “complicating” anything, it’s forcing the player to be aware of his or her actions. If there’s no penalty for feeding (ie: breaking out of stealth), then the monster can go S3 without the Hunters ever seeing it but for chasing Carrion Birds around the map.


Currently, I’m not a fan of how the game handles stealth mode. When you’re in it, IMO, there should be an option that you are not taken out of it until you toggle the button off.

I hate leaping from stealth only to have to re-enter it on landing before I move and make some tracks. Everyone’s gonna have a different preference, but the feature is a bit spotty in changing modes without your explicit intent; even if by design.


that is bad game design. per definition. i am aware that i physically press the button to sneak. but the game does not handle it as sneak. what you describe is not even a penalty. good players will “micromanage” it so they sneak the moment after they are done feeding, losing less than a second and still are sneaking. new players have a hard time understanding what exactly is going on and will be punished by design. this is NOT okay.

leaping should leave marks on landing even if you were sneaking. a 2000kg monster will leave some marks when it hits the ground. but you should still continue to move in crouched when landing and HOLDING ctrl.


I guess your issue would be solved by simple toggle/hold option in the settings but I am not sure how it would affect the sneaking mechanic.


that is what i am asking. is there a toggle option or is it hold? i can not remember and i can not start the game right now…


it was toggle and to answer your question, read maddcow’s response. I think he’s pretty much spot on
(his first comment)


It is a toggle. There is no hold for sneak. That being said, movement abilities are supposed to stop sneaking as well as eating.



care to elaborate this?