Sneak Preview of TU09 Multiplayer Menu (clickbait)


One can hope, anyway…

  • Hunt is the ranked match maker (i.e. Hunt 2.0) for balanced matches and dedicated hunter and monster queues
  • Quick Play is replaced with Arena with the original match maker
  • Evacuation is available as a mode under Custom; there is no Evacuation match maker
  • De-emphasize Hunt ranks and badges; this mode is for balanced play among both casual and competitive players

Evolve multiplayer cannot sustain itself with the player base split into as many game modes as it currently has. Whether TU09 has the changes I propose above or something else, a significant culling is required.


I almost missed the Clickbait part lol

I like what you have setup!


I disagree with your suggestion to only have Hunt be ranked but besides that I agree.

I think ranked should just be thrown out the window.


It hasn’t helped anyone


I did a ninja edit to the title to add “(clickbait)” right after posting it.

On the contrary, for a long while I was getting closer matches and better games in Ranked. Not to mention I could finally get monster when I wanted or hunter when I wanted.

Since Ranked is currently dead, I’m only doing Quick Play. Quite often I’m in a lobby with 3-4 other players set to “Prefers Monster”.

The re-introduction of Quick Play following the release of Hunt 2.0 was basically stabbing Ranked in the gut with a knife; it didn’t kill it right away, but it started a slow, painful death.


I love it. I don’t mind Arena being up front like that although I sort of wish Hunt was still “the way” to play the game, and everything else was treated as a variation. Still, Arena is the only game mode that I think comes in at equal footing with hunt as far as fun and balance, IMO, and I like people having choices.

I would actually like to see, as a “wishlist” sort of feature, would be a custom queue where you could choose a game mode or list of game modes and get matched with other people who want to play those game modes. Even if it worked like Rocket League where once you got matched into a single game mode you were stuck with it unless you requeued I think it would be great. That would let those people that don’t like defend or only want to play evacuation campaigns or just really like rescue find games they want without having to wrangle a pre-made or play with bots.

That could be the new quick play, and the hunt and arena options could either be absent from the list or just dump people into the ranked queues, assuming the ranking is hidden. At that point I don’t really see a reason not to use the ranking system for all the queues, other than some game modes might have such tiny audiences that its results are nonsensical.


This was my experience as well. Hunt 2.0 brought with it some of the best games I’d played since alpha and big alpha when the game was still brand new and knocking my socks off, but I haven’t played more than a solo game or two every time a new character or variation has dropped in 3-5 months. Pinning some major hopes and dreams on TU09 (no pressure TRS :p).


I agree with taking out Evacuation, but the rest should be more like this.

  • Hunt
  • Description: Play Hunt in a ranked mode with players with similar rank with you…
    • There’s no need for 2.0 to be in the playlist if its getting refurbished. But if it did they could call it Hunt 3.0
  • Quick Play
    • Description: Play through a serious randomly selected game of; Hunt, Arena, Defend, Nest and Rescue.
  • There should be a ratio of how much each mode gets selected for a game. Hunt should make up 35%, Arena 35% and the rest of the modes get an equal 10% chance of showing up.
    • We also have learned that they’re working on the randomizing algorithm for the mode so that will help out a lot.
    • I really like the the two extra modes and with the changes so far we’ve learned that are happening to the game, game modes like Nest and Rescue will be fairer for both sides.
  • Custom
  • Description: Congratulations! You have people who care about your insignificant existence and you can all play together to waste your insignificant lives on a series of insignificance game modes until one of you rage quits because Joey chooses to play Slim.


cough @10shredder00 cough


Evacuation PVP removed

Evacuation coop stay at its

To reduce the spread out of player base

About removing Quick play … only if extensive tutorial is provided to players to make sure players know the basic and to improve hunters skill play / teamwork

Hunt 2.0
Evacuation Co-op

Second suggestion :

Remove all Evacuation modes

Add nest / rescue to quick play

Quick play
Hunt 2.0

Third suggestion :

Remove defend from quick play
Removed Evacuation pvp

Quick play
Hunt 2.0
Evacuation coop

We don’t need more than 3 matchmaking modes


Fewer options, not more. Right now the PC player base drops to almost 75 CCU. By this summer we’ll be seeing a CCU below 50, possibly even reaching zero in the middle of the week. This is a population size that cannot sustain multiple game modes.

Hard choices have to be made. I don’t put Ranked on the cutting room floor because, in my experience, it was the superior mode for playing Hunt.

What you suggest is no different than what we have now: 3 different ways to queue for Hunt. Ideally there’d only be one way, but realistically the minimum is 2: Match Maker Hunt and Custom Hunt. Ranked is the superior match maker, so the old match maker is relegated to Arena, which is well suited to that game mode anyway.


At your 50 CCU they might as well turn ranked off, you’re not getting a “ranked” experience at those player number levels.

If TRS were going to cut down modes at any point then they should turn off ranked for a while, and implement a “next mode” vote for Quickplay. That’d be sustainable and have a purpose.


TRS could make that a function of the ranked match maker. Then, assuming we still see CCU peaks on weekends, we get better matches when the population is high and nothing worse than old matchmaker matches when it’s low.

Nah. If Ranked gets turned off, it’s off for good.

A Ranked match maker that’s aware of the total number of players queueing and smartly makes less than balanced matchups when few people are playing also serves a purpose.


Then he should avoid me at all cost, because I’m really loving Slim right now especially with Hank+Capacity. :laughing:


It already does this to some degree, but as soon as you’re matching people that aren’t similar ranks then you lose the whole benefit of ranked which is fair match ups, behind a system that will always take longer to match people than quickplay will.

Edit: I get that ranked lets you choose specifically to play one side or the other but in my potentially all too frank opinion, people playing Evolve right now need to really suck it up and start being happy to play both teams. If we do reach the point where it’s realistic to expect 50 CCU regularly then the luxury of being able to choose not to play hunter or monster is one of the very first things that an Evolve player should let go of. :slight_smile:


I always get Laz fanboys and players with less than 30 hours of time in the game. I don’t find it fun, because when I lose its always above -20 points. With a 50-50 WLR I’ve dropped 2 leagues.


On topic, please.

TL;DR - put Ranked out of its misery

I believe that Ranked match making can perform better, or be perceived as performing better, with MM and UX improvements. Edit: perform better than it has.

If the Ranked Hunt MM showed average time in queue for both factions (i.e. when queued as Hunter I see wait times for both Hunter and Monster and vice versa) this is a problem that corrects itself pretty much the same way that it corrects itself in the old match maker. If one faction or the other has substantially shorter wait times, people will switch. The current system of “too many X” isn’t enough information, because I’ll always think I’m at the front of the queue about to get matched, and damned if I give up my spot so the person behind me can get in.


I would never ever, not in this lifetime ever let Arena be a playlist on its own to take out Quickplay. I absolutely despise the mode and what it does to the game.

The reason that it was taken out of its own playlist and thrown into quickplay was because it was barely played (don’t quote me on this but I believe a dev has said that it takes up less than 25% of players) by anyone and also because Hunt wasn’t ranked at the time.

Rank is just a horrible system to play in, queuing time asides the horrendous scoring system, how it matches are put together and other stuff just make it something that a lot of people want to avoid all together.
It would be virtually impossible for me to get into the game if I were forced to only play a broken and Rank playlist or a playlist that’s only 20% of what makes Hunt the game that it is.

The only reason I tolerate hunt right now is because it provides important data for the devs, if it wasn’t for that I’d be a louder advocate of geting the mode removed all together from the game.

Just putting up two playlist (with a custom) would be more realistic, still give everyone what they want without splitting the community to dramatically rather than forcing players to play broken playlist or imo a dumb game mode.

Long story short: Having only two public playlist is a great idea but only if its Hunt and Quickplay where all the modes are included and it is not "only hunt and an arena playlists."
I hate Arena and it sucks and would much prefer it to be removed from the game all together but I tolerate it because it give data for the devs.


You don’t have faith that numbers will jump back enough to turn Ranked back on, I’m the opposite. :slight_smile:


I have no doubt that the population will get a bump by the time TU9 comes around but to what extent and what it will bring with it, will be a complete mystery until then.

I’m sure the team that works on the hunt system are working their best to improve the dreadful playlist and scoring system. They have a lot of time until TU9 rolls around to get on improving ranked (which we’ve been told that they have worked on).

I’m sure playlist options and game modes will be played around until then. But never would they ever force players into a situation where all they can play online are (dreadful and tryhard) Ranked Hunt and (other dreadful gamemode) Arena. They’re likely going to take out Evac though and just leave it for customs.