Sneak pounce


Sneak pounce should definitely have to be from behind. I’m tired of staring at a monster and he pounced on me when I can see him.


That makes sense if you’re a little man with a knife doing a backstab.

However, when you weigh 16 tons, you pounce however you damn well please.


Haha… for some reason this made me chuckle.


Well it’s true isn’t it?

Can you honestly imagine a behemoth going “Hey uh… can you uh. Turn around? Please? Just… Thank you-” CRASH


Too funny. But then it shouldn’t be called a sneak attack. I just think it’s a cheap win at times.


It’s not. it’s just by a horrible design flaw tied to pressing sneak first.
but it Is a Pounce, wich is something predators do from whatever angle they feel is good for them.


I guess. Lol


Araji’s got a point.


infact. you don’t have to sneak to do it. if you time the keystrokes right, you can insta pounce without the monsters model getting through any part of the Crouch animation that is tied to entering sneak :stuck_out_tongue:


I lion/tiger will pounce you regardless of your direction of facing. Same thing. Even cats attempt to do this :stuck_out_tongue:


The pounce attack can be interrupted now


Hell, my cat pounces regardless of weight! My foot’s been mauled many a time from being too close to the edge of my bed!


Cats are douches. Don’t believe me. Think of it this way. If you had a roommate that did even HALF of the things your cat did, would you not boot his/her arse out the door fast?


My cat threw up on the carpet this morning.

Then mauled my foot.


I like to run around my neighbourhood pretending I’m a monster. I pounced my brother when he came home from school the other day until he was downed. My mom came running in to revive him, but I pounced her too.