Sneak pounce with Jack

You are able to sneak pounce through Jacks repulser beam as a monster.
not sure if this was intended, just thought that it the repulser should be able to block that type of attack.

@MrTalha thoughts :B?

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Its intended, the devs (namely Macman) stated that Repulse won’t stop pounces since Harpoons don’t stop pounces. Imo, this should be changed, but eh, how should I know


Ikr!!! I brought this up in the jack thread. So annoying and not sure if intended lol.

It’s not too much of a problem unless the monster is Kraken, but it can be very annoying in combat as it makes the repulsor pretty useless when the monster know how to pounce at the right moment.

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Pouncing through the beam seems completely opposite what it was designed for - to hold the monster away. Needs to be fixed, imo.

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No CC holds pounces at the moment, so it’d be a case of changing code to adapt for that if it was to be changed. People didn’t really complain about it with harpoons, I think it’s a perspective thing.

Doesn’t a Griffin harpoon to the back? Not sure because Griffin is the only trapper I hate to play >_>

Yeah, so if you’re harpooned as a monster and trying to get away, a sneak pounce may give you the distance to break it without turning to break

Heres some logic for harpoons not stopping pounce. When animals are. In the pounce position they are holding a lot of power in their legs and arms to push them forward. Its the same thing for monsters they will be able to pull the tether with all the force it’s stored up then released to push themselves forward

Logic doesn’t mean anything :stuck_out_tongue:

The game code is set so that nothing CC’s a pounce. @MacMan and co can change it if they feel it should be changed, but I believe…as I said in the other thread wherever it was talked about… all that needs to happen is that sneak pounces range while “in combat” needs to be much smaller, hitboxes need to be more confined.

That way sneak pouncing is still a decent animal hunting tool, but also is only effective when used in very specific situations and close proximity otherwise.


Shhh. Let the devs have their moment of freedom, you monster D:

Harpoons can stop a monster from eating but can’t stop him from beating someone to death. Doesn’t make sense

Eh, I’ve been saying this since Jack came out.
You can easily counter it though, so it’s not too much of a bother.