Sneak attack is legit OP


I don’t mind it in general, stay together to save each other and all that jazz, but against the last hunter, it completely kills any chance to escape. Just had a Kraken do it out of mid air(!!! tf is this)

Needs to be adjusted so you can’t do it against the last standing hunter and not just flip out of the air. How can you freaking crouch in the air? honestly.


No. Otherwise it gives roaching too much strength, especially at low evolution stages.


But killing the last hunter with a pounce attack is like opening a gift on christmas, i earned my last kill victory by killing ur team members :0 let me have my prize kill


I don’t think it being impossible against the last hunter is in any way sensible, it is a legitimate tactic, but I agree that sometimes the conditions under which Monsters are able to sneak attack are a bit on the janky side. There should almost be a minimum 1 second crouch cooldown before they can pounce, I’ve had all sorts of weirdness though.


If the monster has already killed the rest of the team, they deserve to win. The game would just get dragged out if you couldn’t sneak pounce the last hunter especially a support with cloak up. Its the same as a Wraith that decoy spams but you can actually do something about it


Yeah, I want you to just stay still and let me kill you while you can’t do anything, great experience, praise this game 10/10 too much sneak


your team died, it only takes one bullet to stop pounce, face it you lost and let me as a monster enjoy my victory :0 plus look at it from my point of view, if you live your team mates will come back and i as a monster will die :frowning:


Except that Decoy attacks you, damages you, bounces you back instead of just making it harder to attack Ghost. Cloak shows your jetpack etc. And you’ll still get to attack easily. Attacking generator for examples forces to give up cloak. If a monster has killed the other hunters, it didn’t deserve to win, because… well, that’s the point. It has to kill all of the hunters. What you said is literally, by definition, incorrect.


Are you debating the fact that without help a beast at the scale of one of these Monsters would be unable to pin you and beat the crap out of you if nobody was able to help force them off? Again, no doubt there are some ways that sneak should be altered to make it less quick and cheap to trigger in the right circumstances but you being last alive and not liking it being available to finish you off just because is a bit weak.


:joy: :joy: :joy: :joy:

First time I’ve seen this expression for running from the monster lmao.


Are you really trying to bring realism into a game on a fictional planet with fictional monsters and weapons? Ah, grade a joke, dude.


There is when people aren’t thinking sensibly


It’s a bit more sensible than crying that you were the last person standing and they were able to take you down. Bemoan your team being dead and you being last, not that you rightfully lost by a particular method.


Still no need lol.


But that’s just not true. I didn’t lose until the monster struck down all of us or destroyed the generator. That’s the point. We don’t get auto-damage on without you being able to do anything about it, why should the monster? If you can’t manage to kill all of the hunters, then tough luck. But of course, pure monster player was gonna dispute that. :weary: I play every char and it’s the cheapest shit I’ve seen in this game.


No bullet stops pounce especially against Kraken.


You realize I play both sides and still consider it too easy, yeah? Lmao. Why would you punish a single player for being good at evading? Makes no sense. Monster have good distance attacks, can easily target too, especially the last guy. Pressure is helping the monster, no reason to make it even more of an auto win.


But again, you’re complaining about the circumstances…

Needs to be adjusted so you can’t do it against the last standing hunter, honestly.

and not putting the focus more on what makes sense as the problem

Just had a Kraken do it out of mid air

Sneak attack being cheap under certain circumstances I’m with you, you being the last Hunter is irrelevant.


if you’re the last one alive and the monster can kill you with a sneak attack, it can kill you with any other means it sees fit. the sneak attack is no faster than a couple melee attacks or one power spam.


No, no it’s not irrelevant. Why should the monster get an auto-win attack with absolutely NOTHING that can be done about it against someone who may be just that good at evading attacks in general? Like the guy above me, Andrew, already said. Other attacks can kill as easily, but at least you can theoretically do something about it. It’s unfair. It’s in the same boat as Wraith in general. It’s not an OP tactic in terms of the game being unbalanced but it sucks the fun out of it for the last guy. Why not have a high pressure chase to finish a game or shift the tide?