Sneak attack equals cheap attack


The monster only does it when your the last one standing add a way for downed hunters to save them or keep it from happening if the hunters looking at them

Solo player vs pounce
The problem with stealth pounce

Yeah, it’s cheesy. Jump when he tries it.


If you are all alone and you get stuck in a plant what happens? You die.
Being pounced solo is the same, you got grappled and you need help to escape.

Maybe I’m a dick, I don’t know but if you are the last one left and the monster is on top of you…


Sneak attacking the last Hunter is as cheap as cloaking as the last Hunter and running away.


At least you can follow the invisible hunters feet prints and see his her jetpack


And you can watch the completely visible monster and jet pack away from him.


Too bad sneak pounce is massive and is a lock-on.


Anyone else tired of people complaining about the sneak pounce?

If you wander out all on your own, far from your team, you deserve to die. If the monster just put in the effort to crush the other three members of your team and you know you can’t escape just accept the loss. Chances are if you can be killed by sneak pounce then the monster could kill you with regular melee or abilities. Its not OP, you’re just mad you lost.


It’s also weak, close-range, and requires the Hunter to be alone to get any respectable damage. I’ll take a pounce over a heavy attack or a banshee mine any day.


If you were bucket you just toss a turret. Bucket needs no help


But i prefer trapper


Maggie harpoon trigger works too.


But i play as abe


Hey, now you know why i only use bucket and mags.

O. O


I use sunny ocasionally bucket


Yea sorry but doesn’t matter if I sneak pounce or not last one alive is gonna die 9/10 times stop complaining


I dont i stay on mountains and that if i get away


Usually when I sneak atk last hunter its to wait for cool down of skill I want to kill him with.


Weren’t they suppose to need pounce by giving it a cool down?


Im amazed so many people defend such a cheap tactic, this is like someone trying to fix camping in cod and everyone cusses him out because they cant win without it so theyre mad at him for trying to fix a gameplay-raping mechanic