Sneak attack death animation


I’m surprised I didn’t see anyone think of that:
Why not make when the hunter loses all of their health when being sneak attacked, they are eaten by the monster? Just like the megamouth, it can be interrupted, but if it doesn’t, the hunter returns to the dropship, and the monster gains 2 armor bars just as if the monster ate a dead hunter.

And to make more sense, how come a WILDLIFE eats a hunter alive but the far more deadlier MONSTER can only eat a hunter when they’re dead? I don’t think this makes the monster OP. Why? There are hardly any player who walks alone, and most of the time you sneak attack a hunter someone will come to save them before losing their health.

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I’m pretty sure wildlife doesn’t do as much damage as a Sneak Pounce. That’s probably why.


If it worked the way a megamouth does, killing when HP is zero rather than going to downed, then to death, it would be immediately abused to high heaven. Get someone low in a dome fight, pounce for the final tick of damage, instant death.


Well, as most people think of the sneak attack (including me):
It’s pretty much useless until the last hunter remains. This makes sneak attacking more useful.


Hey don’t get me wrong, I think it’d be cool as hell, so long as there wasn’t a way to abuse it.


As cool as it would be Laz doesn’t need to be made any weaker by having an immediate rez denial that can be used against him like that.


At least let there be a death animation to the last hunter remaining.


If this was a thing, people would absolutely abuse it… Hunter low? Pounce till he’s dead… 80% feeding speed, and there’s a good chance i’d get through the eating animation in time, and then I can focus someone else knowing they can’t revive them and i’m not taking pistol fire.

Also Sneak attack is a useful ability in combat already. You can use it to get out of CC such as Abe’s stasis orbs and/or pinning a hunter to the spot for a second (Extra points if they just began using jetpack and you pull them back to you). It can still be used as a free traversal if a hunter is in pounce range.

As for a death animation for the last hunter… it’s essentially fluff. We’d see it for a tiny amount of time, and it only applies when killed in a specific way. I wouldn’t want them pulling staff away from other more important content to do this.


They can eat the hunter because they are called MEGAmouths


Well, Behemoth also has a MEGAmouth.