Snatching a victory from the jaws of defeat(Maybe a critique or two)


2 things I need to say is I had grabbed the wrong controller as this one had a faulty LB so mind the accidental Warp Blasts or badly timed mid air detonations. Also mind you that Wraith is still bugged on console so I will be warping backwards a lot so mind the somewhat clunky movements.

So this was my first game of the day and actually first game in a week as I have been busy as of late. I get into a match with the team comp of Lazurus/Sunny/Maggie/Hyde and I was going Wraith on Distillery. I neglect the initial sneak against maggie and instead run a standard feeding route beyond the bridge taking a right turn to Tyrant lake and eating steamadons, Cephaladons, and finishing it with a two Mammoth bird feed on the cliff in the corner. I sniff and Evolve.

2 thoughts came to mind…

  • 1: Why werent they on me yet? Are they even chasing me?
  • 2: Are they relay camping?

Sure enough I listen closely and here the audible jetpacks coming from the relay as I go through the middle of the map. I realize the situation they were trying to bait me with and it didn’t exactly work as planned for them. Turns out they killed the Sloth buff and set up like a standard stage 3 fight.

Now as for the next two fights they didn’t exactly go my way which led to me having too low health to really think I had a win but I never had given up just straight up. This led to the final two fights.

As you can see I didn’t exactly have a lot of breathing room. Time limit, worrying about Lazarus and my own health which I had none of. But even with the odds coming out as so I still managed something I didnt think I would pull off. Thank god I was able to catch Hyde on the reload or else that dropship would have been GG.

Critique a few things that I might have not caught?



Tagging @SQUAry_berry395, because he’s a good wraith.


Wow… Hard to critique. The two important fights were left out. The first fight went quite well. Should always focus down Laz’s body to prevent any stealth revive, especially by Daisy (seriously she’s terribly fast when she wants to be). Did well to get him down a second time and then send him to the DS. I would have said to armour up and come back after he got revived, but you took little damage here, so it’s ok I guess.

Did very well in the second video, except at the start where you tried to focus down assault. Would have been better to go after Sunny or Trapper, need to get those SDs down before going after Assault, or she’s just dodging a lot of damage.

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and I hate it when hunter camp at stage 1 and 2, that comp right there is the ultimate anti wraith comp with laz that’s forces you to commit and sunnys stupid booster.

Good things

  • awesome job avoiding the assault
  • great abducts
  • very good timing of your abilities

Things I noticed

  • why did you evolve to stage 3 with that much health you could have used it to get another strike or 2.
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I’ve been doing some wraith games against silver skilleds that I find, and my abducts work all the time so far. o.O

Also @Destroyer123123, (There may be a reason this isn’t good, but I’m not wraith main), I like to use WB and follow with abduct after, when the hunter gets knockedback, allowing me to continue with a heavy or SN, rather than abduct into melee and WB. May help with hunters that cloak after being abducted.

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Hey man good job for keeping a cool head and thinking things through. Especially against what most would consider an anti wraith comp.

Not much to critique here, just some slight observations…

Obviously the wraith with the highest chance of winning against a laz comp is a super aggressive one. Have you ever tried going into a wb right after an abduction? I find that hunters have a rough time dodging it at point blank range. It has a decent enough cdr that I rarely ever think “damn, I should have saved that last warp blast…”

Also, you spent a decent amount of time chasing down wildlife instead of just warping to/abducting them. It may not seem like much, but the second or two you save from not chasing food down really adds up, and might have helped with the time management piece.

Some things you did great were sniping with abduct, and having enough awareness to know that sunny’s drones needed to be addressed as soon as they popped up. It’s easy to get tunnel vision and neglect stuff like that.

Overall, good game. On a side note, this video makes me realize that I need the wraith voodoo skin asap.

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My only bad point was that you powered thru the shield drone a lot, when you could have destroyed it quite easily.

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Id say dont even bother fighting at s2 if they are going to do that, and instead go straight to s3. You might have been able to wipe them if you were s3 in that first engagement, although you might not have had the sloth buff.

I wouldve broken away as soon as daisy got laz back up with 1 strike, but you stayed and got a second one on him for 2 bars which is totally worth it. Decision making is always a personal/situational thing and never a rule*.

*For example, the other day i was really beating on a team on tendering plant, had 2 strikes on assault/trapper with little to no hp loss. They decided to camp after that, but not at the relay but that open area with a big pillar and 2 bridges near the damage resistance buff. This was actually a great place for me to fight, i killed the trapper and got an extra strike on… I want to say the support because the medic was pretty much insta rezzing people.

But after that I decided to go s3, fought at the relay, overcommitted on sunny, and lost

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Thank you guys for all the replies @xTr1ckOrTr3atx @War_Machine_XXL

Yeah sometimes the snap function really doesn’t like me so recording those two fights didn’t happen because the snap function didn’t want to load the game DVR so quite unfortunate.

But what I can say is that the second to last engagement was a lot like those fights that put me in a bad spot in the first place but instead with Sunny replacing Hyde for focus.

Thanks again guys I will see what I can do about everything and I will also be playing later so maybe then I can capture some stuff like all the fights and even the mistakes I make in them.

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From the looks of it you were playing well. It may have just been the terrain that was against you, making things difficult. Being able to catch hunters off guard in random locations gives the monster a bit of an advantage, but these guys stuck to an area they likely were familiar with from many S3 fights.

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I must say that I was overall pist off and insulted by them taking the relay right out of drop ship.

I know all to well this game is about the strikes you achieve to make the final fight easier and even more so being a great comp vs Wraith. I just don’t have respect for people who don’t want to play the game it was meant to be played and actually Hunt…

But yes thanks again for all the advice and like I said, hopefully I can capture some good stuff tonight as I totally forgot I have the ability to stop recordings via my phone so my gameplay won’t be hampered waiting for the snap function to load.

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I can sympathise with that. It’s a stupid move on their behalf, imo, as stage 1, or stage 2 dome with no armour, is more advantageous to the hunters. Perhaps I can understand them going to relay after the stage 2 Evolve, if they can’t catch you with no armour, but I think they played it pretty stupid - not to mention how boring waiting must have been.


Next time, just tell them they are the same as a flee till 3 monster and then laugh as they bitch like little children trying to justify themselves.