Snake Monster!


I was in my other thread when it hit me. I would love to see a Snake monster that had no climb or jump abilty but instead slithered. Abilities would be a poisinous venom that got stickier the more leveled up , A escape slithery charge that made spikes come out his back to explain the damage and knockback also gaining more spikes and radious via level and evolve,a stealthy camoflauge turning him invisible(to offset this his trail will always be marked and be a solid snail trail) and for his final move a glare to disable hunters abilities. Also his pounce should be a bit quicker and really cool looking like a coiled snake would. Going from a docile snake look to a hooded cobra to a cobra with arms !! Come on Trs !!


Although this has been one of the community’s most highly supported monster ideas (a snake/worm monster) since the announcement of the game, it will not be implemented. The devs have previously stated that they toyed with this concept early on and discovered the technical requirements for animating a monster slithering on the ground are too high. You’ll just have to pretend the wraith is a snake xD, because it’s the closest thing you’ll get.


You’re not taking into consideration just how difficult it is to animate and program a user-controlled snake. We’ve probably never seen something like this in any game, think about it. And that’s the reason. Try to picture just how the animation would work, just how it would overlap if you change directions quickly, and what should happen if you twisted yourself “the wrong way”.
It’s pretty undoable. Monsters are mainly bipedal humanoids, for a reason.


Tell that to my green screen Nokia Phone !! Cdfu


And it could be the fun part of being the snake…once you start moving you cant turn back lol but i understand now yhanks for the insight.


heh, now that I think of it, from a computational standpoint it wouldn’t be much different than playing that old Nokia Snake game. I’ve yet to see a 3D version of this whole thing we’re talking about. Now I’m curious and if I remember, I’ll make a small research on this.


So hows the research going !?