Smite Discussion Thread


I’m about 3 games away from my 16th diamond god, and for awhile O was one of the top Ravana player in the world for solely kills… I wrecked face when he was ALLEGEDLY “underpowered” so when they buffed him my average for awhile since no one knew how to counter him would be 20+ and 0


Due to the crusher’s change, Serqet is now pretty OP. ADC assassins are dead. Just go for ability burst. Thor is good, Thanatos, Bastet.

Arachne, Loki etc just aren’t worth picking anymore.

Build Telaria (conquest only, otherwise go Warrior Tabi), Heartseeker, The Crusher, and last item go Titan’s Bane.

Little bit of flexibility of other 2 items. Brawlers beats tick if they have healing. If your god is pretty much 100% abilities (Rat, Thanatos, Serqet) consider Jotuns Wrath. If they have passive crit (Ne Zha and Hun Bats) grab Deathbringer. If they partly rely on basic attacks (Camazotz or Awilix you can grab Stone cutting and Hydras lament.



Lazarus was here.

Rezzing this thread because I need some help. I’ve started this game again, and frankly I’m pissed. My matches are plagued with over extending hunters who never know when to back off, and always chase for kills, even when they are double or triple teamed. I play Guan Yu to try and support them, but they never know when to stop. I always perform top of my team by helping to heal and stun people with my ultimate, but I always end up losing to coordinated teams.

Please help.

EDIT: these are my Guan Yu stats from today

On an unrelated note I just realized my KDA for the last one down would mathematically speaking be undefined. Lol

Also here are some more stats to feast your eyes on

Note I’d otn have many kills or damage because I’m playing Guan Yu, and most of the time I deal the majority of the damage, but Neith or some other asshat steals the kill. Also why I don’t play Ganesha.


I believe I have found the crux of the issue. You were playing Arena. Arena isn’t remotely competitive. People usually play to kill and don’t care about team comp or build. There’s also the issue of being able to engage in team fights 2 metres from your fountain. This makes people desperately chase kills, knowing how easily the enemy can undo their damage with no repercussions.

Not a few specific things to deal with.

That build isn’t bad, but standardising builds is a bad idea. The 17min game there the enemy had only 1 magical god, so you could have dropped the Pestilence for, say Mantle Of Discord or Spirit Robe, which would give help vs CC, and some more physical protections, but still gives some magical protections too.

The 20min game all the enemies were physical, so Pestilence is actually a bad pick up. For, maybe a Hide of the Nemean Lion. Or if some of them were building Crit, you could have build Spectral Armor instead.

For the 16 min game Mantle of Discord or Spirit Robe might have also been optimal since they have a mad amount of CC.

Also, you don’t need to build full CDR on Guan Yu, because he can lower his own cool downs - I’m assuming that’s why you have Jotun’s and Breastplate. Neither item is bad, but both are not needed and often others are better.

And another important thing is about kill stealing. I know it’s frustrating, but you shouldn’t be too mad about it, because if you’re supporting, then they need the XP more than you. That’s why Ganesha is actually a decent support. Nothing more annoying a Support stealing an ADC’s kills, but Ganesha can actively give kills to ADCs. This is done on the understanding that its more important for a Hunter to get ahead of XP and Gold rather than a Support.


Thanks for the advice. I was actually just using the standard build they give me because I’m too lazy to figure out what items to buy and stuff.


Also, you were looking at the wrong side for this one. It is confusing because there are 2 Guan Yu’s. I was the TweakyPopcorn56 Guan Yu.

Just a quick question. Which gods do you recommend playing?


Indeed, I was. Disregard that paragraph then.

For arena? Either CC heavy or bursty gods. So, for Warriors, Gods like Achilles, Ravana, Tyr, Hercules, Bellona, Osiris. Most non-adc assassins are fine. In the guardian role, Khepri and Ganesha aren’t very good in Arena, Terra is bad for supporting but if you build her for damage she does fine. That’s all I can think of. Apart from that pretty much any mage or hunter will do OK because they can be built to do enough damage in late game to delete enemy squishies, or have a ton of CC.

The issue with Guan Yu is that his only stun is in his Ult, which you don’t get often. The reason that’s a problem is because if you use your abilites, and the enemy aren’t either dead, or hard CCed so your team can follow up, then they’re going to get back to fountain and live. Healing also isn’t overly valuable, as your team can do the same.

If you are playing Joust or Conquest, this changes. There is a specific meta, but most characters can be played as long as they are in the right comp. If you plan on playing those modes, then I’d be happy to give you any advice that I can.


Ok fuck Arena I’m done with that. Who do you recommend to play with in joust, and are there any specific strategies?


Contest red buff. The very first thing you do ever in a joust match ever is go to red buff. If the enemy stay in lane, burst the buff down as a team, and secure it, then go to wave. If the enemy go to red after you start it get off it. Pressure the enemies and make sure you’re out of the buffs agro range. The enemy will win if you take damage from them and the buff together. And if they go on the buff first, do the same essentially. Start with any CC you have to make them stay in buff radius as long as possble, and focus the players and ignore the buff. Try to save your clear ability so that if the enemy keep attacking the buff despite you, you can just use your clear and last hit it to steal the buff.

You’re joust team needs to be well balanced. A healer isn’t terrible, but healers aren’t great in general because anti-heal items, work so well in most builds. They’ll lose nothing by throwng a Brawler’s Beatstick or Pestilence into your build, but you can take a healer if you want.

You need a ranged character. 3 close range characters is a guaranteed lost 99/100 times because you can’t clear without taking damage. If you want 1 range and 2 close range, then I’d recommend that either 1 of them is very tanky, or very safe, but you want all of your gods to be able to very impactful, so either really good at clearing, or good at engagin on gods. So, for warriors, gods like Herc, and Ravana are good, because Herc is tanky and Ravana is very, very safe.

In terms of Hunters, pretty much everyone is good as long as the tank can peel for you. Special mention to more mobile ones, again, but you’ll hear that in every game mode.

Assassin’s I wouldn’t recommend unless you know the character well, because they are squishy and can’t pressure lane without taking lots of damage. This forces you to play safe, which is very very bad for an assassin in joust because they’ll lose a lot of XP and Gold to your team/tower getting the kills. If you do feel like playing assassins. The exceptions are Loki and Bakasura, because Loki’s 2 helps him keep up with XP, and his late game burst is almost unpunishable in Joust, and Bakasura out secures literally every other god in the game when it comes to jungle buffs, and his 2 heals him and give protections. Just try not to fall behind. I also love playing Rat, because he can chase super well, buy boots from anywhere on the map, heal, slow, stun and protection shred - all of which are very useful for an assassin in joust, because it allows him to pressure well early and sustain and be safe late game when needed.

Guardian’s like Khepri, Fafnir or Cabrakan I wouldn’t recommend, because the enemy can sit in tower, and the early game, they wont be able to do anything. Most Guardian’s have some amount of difficulty. If you want to tank, I’d suggest you go warrior. That said, Artio and Cerberus are actually very powerful, and Ymir and Sobek are huge pains if played well.

Pretty much any mage is game, but becareful when playing Hades and Ao Kuang in the early game because they have the exact same issue as assassins (ao kuang still has it late game, but Hades becomes much safer as he levels his abilities). He Bo is particularly powerful because he can pressure lanes very well early. Also can’t recommend the healers due to the anti heal issue.


Keep calling chernobog, Chernobyl lol.


Seems fitting, because he’s a complete disaster.


Ok I’m playing smite again, but this time on PC. I have no idea who to use. I only play arena mode pretty much. Is Da Ji still good? She was a beast when I played her.


Turns out I’m ass at Da Ji on PC. I blame my internet and computer though. Everything is so out of whack. I’m so used to doing a 3-2-1-basic attack combo on Xbox because everything works just fine, but on PC, my game lags after using my 3, and so I have no idea what’s going on, before I’m surrounded by half a team and murdered.

EDIT: Also I swear for a good period of the game, there weren’t any damage numbers showing up for me.


On another note, I blew 300 gems for a voodoo chest and got the Da Ji “Cyberfox” skin yay. Now I’m planning on completing the voodoo quest (the one where you need to do 25,000 damage), which gives me 100 gems, and then I’ll play till I get the half off any chest coupon and blow another 200 for the Liberte chest. If the chest is gone by then, I wait for the half off any skin coupon.


I like her cyberfox skin.


change of plans I got the summer of smite chest and I got a Nu Wa volley ball player skin. Don’t really care because I don’t have Nu Wa anyway. im was on such a bad losing streak today. Broke it with a clutch win. The final score was 4-0.


Who are the meta gods now?


Oh yeah, anyone here who is good friend NotANoob21 and carry me. Its for PC btw.



The burst combo is 3-basic attack-1 and then 2 if you have to.