Smite Discussion Thread


I’m about 3 games away from my 16th diamond god, and for awhile O was one of the top Ravana player in the world for solely kills… I wrecked face when he was ALLEGEDLY “underpowered” so when they buffed him my average for awhile since no one knew how to counter him would be 20+ and 0


Due to the crusher’s change, Serqet is now pretty OP. ADC assassins are dead. Just go for ability burst. Thor is good, Thanatos, Bastet.

Arachne, Loki etc just aren’t worth picking anymore.

Build Telaria (conquest only, otherwise go Warrior Tabi), Heartseeker, The Crusher, and last item go Titan’s Bane.

Little bit of flexibility of other 2 items. Brawlers beats tick if they have healing. If your god is pretty much 100% abilities (Rat, Thanatos, Serqet) consider Jotuns Wrath. If they have passive crit (Ne Zha and Hun Bats) grab Deathbringer. If they partly rely on basic attacks (Camazotz or Awilix you can grab Stone cutting and Hydras lament.