Smite Discussion Thread


I don’t really know if anyone here has heard of this game, but Smite is a MOBA developed by Hi Rez Studios. It’s an ok game if you are up to the grind. It was fun for a bit (like a month), but then it became pretty obvious to me that you either had to grind, pay a lot, or do both to get any good. That’s kinda why I quit and deleted it. Also, although I haven’t experienced it, I’ve heard lots of people complaining that the community is extremely toxic and childish. However, I want to see if anyone else plays this game.

I don’t have may characters. My favorite before I quit were Da Ji, Ymir, Neith, and occasionally I would play Guan Yu, who was pretty strong.

Also, among other problems with the game, the way females are portrayed in the game was just disgusting, and part of the reason I quit. I wont go into a lot of detail, but let’s just say the minds at Hi Rez are quite perverted. Most female characters are mostly naked, and it’s quite rare for one to find a character that does not look like a stripper. Heck, Hi Rez literally made a skin called Ms Diagnosis or something that was this slutty nurse in a tiny skirt.

There are lots of problems with this game in my opinion. However, the game can be fun occasionally.


I liked playing arena mode because I really didn’t want to burn 40 minutes into a conquest match, and I had no knowledge of these MOBA games. Plus, it was fun, because I had this really high damage build with Da Ji, so I would just go in and wreck some ass then walk back to my base. Ymir was a hell lot of fun, too. His freeze breath in combination with the glacier smash thing could wreck opponents. Guan Yu wasn’t much of a damage dealer, but his healing ability could do a lot. I even got an achievement that you get for healing 10000 health or something like that.

Neith’s abilities were decent. She could do a lot of self healing, if used properly, and one of her abilities basically shot a huge arrow that murders everyone. Her most amazing ability has her ult though, not just because it was her ult, but because it would literally track anyone across the map and deal an insane amount of damage to them. Basically, if an enemy who is really low on health is across the map, you could use your ult to kill them from the other side of the map. I’ve gotten so many kills from doing this, and I think I may have caused many to rage because of this.

One guy I forgot to mention was Agni. This guy was something special. His mos powerful ability in my opinion was his flame wave thing. If you get enough magical power items, it could melt any god, and automatically take away 1/5 their health bar at max level. This ability was fucking insane. I’ve done some like 1000 damage from just one of these things before, if I remember correctly. This guy is an absolute beast if you can get someone at close range. Plus, he has these huge meteors that also do a reasonable amount of damage, but you spam fire all of them, to make heavy combos.


I think we already had a thread for this, but it was pretty old so might’ve gotten lost in the mists of the forums.


Oh i see. Well I made a new one, so if you want to talk about it, feel free.


Diamond neith with a Ms. Diagnosis skin here

(-.- ) ( -.-)

Edit¹ that’s not even that bad.

Edit² 389px-SkinShot_Aphrodite_Diva


How long did it take you to get that much favor?


I honestly think Hi Rez should lower the prices of the Gods, and increase the rewards for each match. It’s frustrating to win a match and spend like 2 minutes, then only receive 150 favor. Also, the daily rewards are almost worth nothing. I mean come on, 75 favor on the first day, then 125, 250, thats not enough to buy anything in the game.


Just took as long as buying the god pack to unlock everyone.

Edit: realized you meant worshippers, and I can’t remember. Not long (relatively) if you don’t branch out.


I play it a lot.

Awilix, Sol, Thoth, Khepri and Fafnir with a little Osiris and Hachi on the side


Not any more.


I agree. Mortal Kombat, Injustice 1 (Harley Quinn’s outfit), and the Batman Arkham (Poison Ivy) games have shown worse.


Ah well I see then, time to set them as my home screen :joy:


My desktop background rotates through some of the Egyptian gods, but sometimes I leave it as Hel. But having recently falling in love with Sol, I might be changing it again


Who’s the strongest god or goddess right now? Is it one of the new ones? Just a wild guess, since they pretty much release an insanely powerful new god every time.


When it comes to supporting, you don’t get much better than Fafnir or Sylvanus. But Ganesha is also a good shout, as well as Hel.

For Solos, Osiris wins almost every time. Bellona is also good. Erlang Shen is incredibly in the early and mid game, but falls off late game. Cabrakan is also solid.

For ADCs, AMC and Ullr are broken. But most Hunters work well, but Jing Wei springs to mind.

Freya also makes a good ADC.

More difficult to say for Mages and Assassins because of how team/enemy dependant they are. But Sol, Raijin and Poseidon are very powerful to name a few Mages, and recently I’ve taken to really liking Nu Wa. And Bastet and Serqet are the first 2 to come to mind, but pretty much any assassin can do wonders under the right circumstances.

Cerberus is by no means bad. Good solo or support. And Discordia is nasty. However, I do not think either one of them is the best at anything


Holy shit they released Cerberus? I gotta check that out. Maybe they’ll make Charon next.


Fun fact Cerberus essentially means spot.

Yup Lord of the underworld named his pet dog spot.


Lol nice name for a dog.


Very few people seem to believe me when I tell them that.


Most recent God. Got Decent sustain. His Ult is pretty disgusting. Little range though and no direct support.