Smell sense / monster scan


At lot of good players can hear the smell sense / monster scan. And now exatcly your position (is easy to make game musik out and fsx on max. This is so super noob. PLEASE TURTLE ROOK patch this NO SOUND FOR THE SCAN !!!


Well, you could also just not smell when you hear the hunters are close. Their jetpacks are pretty loud.


Um, stop smelling all the time?


I have never hear Jetpacks? The Scan ist much louder. And when Hunters not use Jetpack your are in drawback.


Wait a minute. Hearing the smell is a super noob thing, but having a wallhack as a monster isn’t?


But how did the hunters catch up to you if they didn’t use their jetpacks?

Jetpacks sounds like the wind blowing in a sail.


I never hear Jetpacks,but when u say this, i make instand a test in the Game. I Hope i can hear some.
@Rhuclaw i can hear the Montser Scan only if im 5 meters away from Monster (im in Monsters Melee Area).

But some Player hers the scan over the Complytly Map. Not Funny.


I allready tested it Effeckt Videosound Max. The Scan ist good to hear. The Jetpacks are absolutly zero i hear fire in the area i hear animals, water and so much shit but i dont can hear a hunter Jetpack if he used 1 meter away from me.
Fact is whit player and people i talk over this to her Sacn is so easy to hear.
Hear Jetpacks is not usefull because the sound is so super stealh.


4v1 u wot m8


I have never had a problem hearing the sniffing or the jetpacks. If you are being stealthy, you shouldn’t be sniffing right next to the hunters anyway. It’s meant to be another way for the hunters to track you, that doesn’t need to be changed.


Please Turtle Rook make the Monster Scan no sound. I love to play whit Hunter and Montser. And Hear Sacn over the half map is so a fucking noobtool.