Smell radius for monster


Does anyone know the smell radius for the monster? I heard it was 60 meters.


I think it’s 70, but I’d need to test it. Sorry.


Smell is 70, dome is 60 from standing still when you throw it to the edge.


Thanks friend


Yup it’s 70m smell range


Awesome thanks, and since I have you here lol if you join a game late what is the default perk you get?


I believe if you join a human player that dc’d you get their perk. As far as I know I don’t think AIs have a perk. If they do, it’s either random or the default +jump height that you start with. Never really tested it though.


Now please keep on mind that weather effects smell range though.


I don’t think it does anymore. They also took out rain affecting footprints as well. They leaned towards simplicity for that point.


Well damn… That means this info should be updated since its the closest thing to a game manual.