Smash bros so corrin is super pay2win


she counters everything no joke fast high jumps ridiculous recovery a lot of damage and the longest smash attack range I got so salty that I became rage mode cloud and kicked his arse he thought he was all good
what do you guys think who have fought him/her


Hehe, easy there.
I don’t think we need a dedicated topic just for a single Smash Bros character rant.


yeah we do its that bad


she outclasses everyone in 1-2 ways


I forgot the stun locks 2 your stuck like zero suit samus gun but its like 20 times easier to hit


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I know but me to lazy to put


Well, I’ve only played Bayonetta, so I have no thoughts. She does look fun as hell to play as. Bayonetta is LIFE though.


Eh. I like Cloud better.


have you fought her online though



10 char


I didn’t know Corrin was released, I’ll check them out and give my feedback once I’ve played a bit.


The only issue I have with corrin is their counter attack. It has a massive window, can hit multiple people in a massive area, and can outright kill even the heaviest characters at 60%. Usually they need to be around at least 100% damage for a kill to be possible with a counter.

The rest of corrin though… no problems for me


I know she has the cheapest counter in the game if it happens in the air and you have 40 % its insta death