Smash Bros for 3DS


Has anyone been playing this? I got it Friday afternoon and just now realized it’s Sunday. I haven’t messed with many of the single player modes but I’m enjoying the online a ton. There are still laggy matches here and there but it seems to be improved from Brawl quite a bit. I’m also really liking the new characters as they have a lot of depth to them. I’m finding new things to do with them all the time. Time will tell if it’s truly better than Brawl but my gut is telling me it is already.

If you want to play, add me! 4141-3573-6151


The new characters are great! Charizard and Mega Man are particularly nice. I haven’t really figured out why people like Little Mac so much yet. So far I’ve been sticking to the single player features. My opinion at the moment is that it is better than Brawl. However, I don’t like the way losing a classic match automatically reduces the intensity. Sometimes the items just work out unlucky. Also, the 3DS thumb stick is not as nice to use as just about any other input method. Mine doesn’t have a large enough dead zone.


For people thinking “4141-3573-6151” is an invite code - don’t waste your time for it! It’s just ID of @Lady_Siara :smile:


would have been way more fun… thx for ruining it :frowning:


Yes, people would know that anyway. This thread is for Smash Bros. and not about the Alpha so why would they assume the latter? Plus the code doesn’t have enough characters anyway, people aren’t that stupid you know? xD

Anyways, my friend code is: 1590-4798-4699

@zjbdragon I would also like to add you too, if you can give us your friend code! :smile:


My code is 3754-7722-5783 :slight_smile:


Nice one, dude! I’ve added both you and @Lady_Siara! :smile:


Add me! My FC is 0731-4834-0579, I’ll be on playing matches here in a little bit.


If I ever get another nintendo system, this one will be high on my list. I’m kinda sad to see Ice Climbers, Mewtwo, and Snake didn’t get any love. A lot of the new roster looks good though. If I ever get it, I’ll post my code here for sure! Historically, I’ve been a bit of a Super Smash Bros. addict…It’s hard to justify a system for the one game though.


I’d wait for the new 3DS if you’re planning on it in the future. Japan has it, and we have no release date as of yet, but I expect it to be out in the Holiday months, if not the first quarter of 2015.


Do you guys think its better to buy the 3ds for smash bros or buy a wii-u for smash? Im only getting either device for smash only. if I got the wii-u I may get mario kart but other than that dust will collect. proly the same for the 3ds since ps vita has games that are more my style


You’ll be much happier with the Wii U version if you plan on playing with friends.

The only thing good about the 3DS version is that it is mobile. The controls are sub par compared to a controller, and I could see the Wii U version being a better experience.
I own the 3DS version and I plan on buying the Wii U one too, though.