Smash bros dlc help in february


should I get corrin or bayonetta I only will have enough for 1
bayonetta = 5.99
corrin = 4.99$


Why is one more expensive than the other? I thought the whole point of Smash Bros was they would always aim to make each character as competitively viable as the next, safe for a few terrible matchups.


Knowing nothing it their actual combat skills, I’d say Bayonetta, just because she is more bad ass (and I don’t know the other one :sweat_smile:


Bayonetta looks awesome C:


I believe that Beyaneta is more expensive because she comes with a new stage as well as the character


Umm hello? Bayonetta of course!


I would go Bayonetta b/c Corrin is from a game that hasn’t even been released in the US yet :smiley_cat:


I’d honestly have to say Bayonetta.


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