Smash Bros DLC blows 2K's pricing model out of orbit, IMHO


During their Direct today, Nintendo announced that future DLC fighters for Super Smash Bros will only cost $3.99 each - $4.99 if you’re buying for 3DS and WiiU versions both.

$3.99 is what you spend in Evolve to make your Behemoth green. If you actually want to play Behemoth, you gotta put down enough money to buy almost 4 Smash Bros fighters.

Look, Evolve is one of my new favorite games, I bought digital deluxe, I own all of t4 including Hemoth, I will be buying all future characters, and I have the utmost respect for TRS and their heapton of great work. And I hate continuing the pricing discussion, but let’s be real and say that when Smash Bros offers Mii fighter outfits for $0.75 (essentially new models,) and Evolve charges as much as a whole Smash fighter for a simple recolor, there’s something seriously wrong afoot. If Monster skins were $0.75, I would buy just about all of them, as opposed to none.

And I don’t want to talk production costs, but I know it will be brought up, so I gotta say that Smash fighters are not by any means simple to make. Mewtwo’s development cycle began somewhere around October, but he isn’t being released until 2 weeks from now. And he’s just a returning fighter, with a more or less unchanged move set. He still has to be meticulously balanced against over 50 other fighters, as do any future newcomers with unique movesets. That’s gotta be an expensive, time consuming process.

This is ‘backwards, old-fashioned’ Nintendo, and the just made 2K look like total fools. I wouldn’t care if it didn’t reflect so poorly on TRS and this game I love :c

TurtleRock, I will continue supporting you, so keep churning out kickass Hunters and Monsters. I just wish your publisher would have more faith in you guys!

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