Small view range for sneak-tracks


Seeing tracks from farther away obviously helps a lot with tracking, especially at lower levels. So I have been wondering, what if sneak-tracks had a small radius (I have 2 meters in mind) in which the Hunters could see them?

Even though it is a huge monster (Stage 1 in particular) nerf, I think if Evolve is ever going to regain some players and keep them, it should not be mandatory to pick Maggie in order to find the Monster pre Stage 2.
A lot of frustration of low levels comes from wandering around, not having any clue where the Monster is, eventually splitting up just to get picked off one by one.
However, with a chance of seeing sneak prints, there would always be a vague direction of where the Monster is directly after dropping.
With a small radius of like 2 meters, the Hunters would have to stay directly on the trail to see it.
Even standing on a cliff looking down on the bush the Monster is hiding in will not be close enough to see them.

A few things in additon to this:

  • Jack’s Survey satelite should be able to pick these up. He desperatly needs better tracking.
  • Monster’s Movementspeed while sneaking should be a little bit higher too.
  • The sneak-tracks should decay faster than normal prints.


I don’t get why people complain about losing the Monster at the beginning of the match. You’re dropping into an unknown area, of course you’re lost. It should also never be apparent without Daisy because that’s a MASSIVE advantage to the Hunters.

Also, people compare things to Daisy and list the advantages she gives that other Hunters don’t, but she should not be the standard for tracking. She gives a distinct and unique advantage, like all other Trappers do in their own ways. That’s the incentive to pick her over the others.

ANY kind of sneak tracking without a tool of some sort (yes, Daisy constitutes as a “tool” as she takes up a spot on Maggie) should remain impossible. I’m not 100% against Jack’s sat picking them up, but it’s getting a considerable buff in the patch, so I’ll wait and see before I agree or disagree.


As @TrickshotMcgee as mentioned, Daisy is the stealth tracker and this, as you yourself stated is

Sorry but no, you acknowledge that it is a huge nerf to Stage 1 Monsters and sneaking in general is already completely not viable and rather obsolete in favor of just running for the hills. This in and of itself is enough to already convince me to be in complete opposition to this change.

Seriously, with the TU 9.0 on it’s way to us I really think these sort of suggestions should just take a break. We don’t know everything that’s being done and therefore I think these things should stop, at least until the patch drops then have at it. Though odds are I will continue to hate these ideas.

No offence to you @Sepiablitz but I generally do not get how ideas like this would ever help the game thrive or even keep players. Most people who make suggestions make this claim and I hardly ever find it to be true. Furthermore, it seems most of these suggestions you make are generally very Hunter favored in origin.

  • Explosions get weakpoint bonus
  • Visible Sneak Tracks
  • Aim Assist
  • Increasing Slim’s Effectiveness (i.e Damage + Heals)

And more. Hunters thus far have been thrown far more bones than they ever should’ve been thrown and we simply cannot keep throwing them more on the basis that it “Helps new players” because from dome deployment time being instantaneous to the introduction of Sunny, both of these had massive implications on the balance of the game as a whole and both of which have the community widely spread on the fact that they hate or love the ideas of one or the other.

Not to mention that this same logic can be said towards Monsters. So if we keep going with this pattern then people need to accept that Monsters should get buffs too because some don’t know how to land abilities properly.
Hunters and Monsters alike are supposed to learn the game, get better, and enjoy it; they’re not supposed to pick up a game and at every turn given more tools to completely obliterate their opponents. How are they supposed to learn if you hold their hand through the whole game; and then what happens when you stop holding their hand? They can’t learn if you never let them experience it for themselves and you certainly can’t expect them to learn if you hold their hand through it all.
Evolve has a nice balance of holding your hand and letting you experience it for yourself, it teaches you the basics of what to do and then lets you develop from there, that’s one of the best and the worst things of Evolve and I personally believe that is how it should stay.

We need to stop balancing for fresh meat and start balancing for the community as a whole, competitive and casual, not newbies and regulars.

Though I digress, I must reiterate that I don’t think you should stop making such suggestions, the forum is free to say what they want, however I do believe that these ideas and future ones should be held until TU 9.0 as we simply do not have anywhere near enough information to even comprehend how this will shake up the meta.


You dont seem to read all of them. For example the 1 ability point buff I suggested accross all stages. Look what it turned into: 1 more at Stage 1, 1 more at Stage 2 and the same amount at Stage 3.
I suggested this back in September. And it did not come with 5.1 or 6.0 or 7.0 or 8.0.
This is another reason why I keep suggesting what comes to my mind: So that if deemed useful, I can be in patch 1x.0.

Wait what? I remember suggesting firerate nerfs, healing per pellet nerfs, spore nerfs and more.
If you read damage buffs, it was probaly to counteract the firerate nerfs. Healing buffs probably as in more healing per burst but way less bursts.

Actually I am against that too, though I dont want the 5 seconds back either. Something in the middle should be fine.

Who I have been suggesting a plethora of nerfs about too.

I am in favor of a whole bunch of buffs for Monsters, though mostly I think that Monsters struggle due to known bugs, which ought to be fixed first before it is clear that there is need for an actual buff.
Here a quick overview for you what I think needs to be fixed/buffed for each Monster the most, before any other direct buffs should be applied.

  • Goliath has a charge bug and gets stuck on terrain very often. Charge only useful as Shotgun.
  • Meteor Goliath has the same problems as Goliath, also DoT getting extinguished alot, DoT completly outhealed by Slim
  • Kraken is too slow out of combat
  • Elder Kraken is too slow and and CL is near useless.
  • Wraith has a wacky Abduct and a less than coin-flip-useful Decoy. Super Nova can be avoided to easily with some jetpack. Also really slow.
  • Behemoth has a buggy wall, a buggy traversal and a wacky tongue.
  • Gorgon has bugs to her wall pounce. Also she cant use it in a lot of places.

Just to take the example of Wraith, I do not think any melee damage buffs or health buffs should be applied before all of her abilities are as useful as they are supposed to be.

I see a big difference there. Though both landing abilities and finding the Monster are skills that you get better over time, it is very clear for players of any skill what you did wrong when you dont land an abilitity:
Either you didnt aim right or the Hunter had too much jetpack.
However not finding the Monster, a lot of people dont know basic stuff about that, which is not obvious until mid-skill. Like knowing good feeding grounds or no carrion birds might mean caves etc etc.
Following tracks however is something everybody understands. If the trail ends (and there is a chance of finding sneak prints nearby) it is obvious that they can improve by looking around for sneak prints more efficiently.

The problem is, you cant expect them to stick around if you only hold a finger. You need to hold the hand and slowly let go finger by finger. The high skill curve is just still to high for most people. Not saying that I dont like it that way personally, but I certainly dont like having only a few hundred people online at best.

This may be the case for you and me, but there are a lot of players who are just overwhelmed by the amount of tiny details that matter in a match. For example to this day, the majority of people have never heard about that the Monster gets more traversals if you shoot it. In fact if you tell them, some call you a liar. Now this may not affect high skill, where the Monster tries to get the combat state through long range attacks if not shot, and fighting a Monster with 2 bars of amor less is a big advantage, but at a level of starting to play and learn, this results in the Monster escaping more than it is fun for a lot of people and they quit.

I could not agree more. What I think you dont understand about me is, that I dont sit around at my desk and think: “Hurr, what could we do to buff newbies and Hunters.”. I watch some tournament gameplay from time to time and have these spontaneous ideas, from which most of them never make it to the forums because they have no merit at all. However, if I think that one of the ideas may improve the gameplay experience of at least some players, I will write a suggesion about it before I forget about it again, which one reason for me to not hold them back until 9.0.


The only way I could get behind this, is if the tracks are visible, but NOT highlighted. There are signs of sneaking already. Corpses, broken scenery, birds, etc.


I kinda disagree with this idea because it’s already difficult to leave no trace as a monster for the hunters to follow and if you are a good monster Who can skillfully sneak then good for you it puts the monster at a huge advantatge but then that’s why the trapper has ways to track the monster and reveal its location, it’s all about whether or no that trapper is good and can adapt to the different monsters and maps, for Instance Jack would be good to use on a map like broken hill mines but maybe not an open area map like aviary.


Well, this is all about helping out players who are new to the game. And those are not good trappers.
Playing with bad trappers results in really long and boring games which turn off the new players because they never really get to experience what the game can be like.


But it is something that even veteran players would benefit from, so it shouldn’t be too big of an advantage.


But where should turtle rock put their focus on? Their already loyal and known fan base
Or new players that I personally rarely see


They can put their focus on the loyal fanbase by increasing the amount of players by making the game more attractive, thus shortening waiting times.
Both is possible :wink:


I actually find daisy to be one of the WORST tracking tools. Give me ANY tracking tool over daisy any day of the week. I do however love the pressure she puts on a monster because of those revives. That’s the best benefit to daisy imo

As for jack- he’ll be getting to fire off his satellite twice as frequently. That’ll be a huge boon. I’ll wait to see what that does for him first. I do wish it scanned an area slightly faster but I think he’ll be solid with that. His capacity is quite solid.

If you’re not finding the monster by stage one on MOST maps, daisy or no daisy, you’re goofing as hunters, or the monster did an amazing job losing you and deserves that reward.


That is the entire point of this suggestion: The Hunters who are goofing, never find the Monster, quit the game and call it running simulator.

Me too, playing Trapper I prefer ANY tracking tool over Daisy. BUT if I know that my trapper is new to this, I will tell him to pick Maggie for two simple reasons: 1. There is not much you can do wrong with Daisy as tracking tool. Easy to learn, easier to master. 2. Its a tracking tool that the others can read, without any actual work done by the trapper.

However, and that is another point, if the new players dont get to the skill floor of the other trappers fast enough, they just played “the only viable trapper”. Again, this makes the game seem boring and repetetive, while it certainly is the opposite.


In fairness the Devs have confidently asserted their new mechanic to help flee to three will 100% work at low:novice levels as well. With claims like that, I’d have to wait and see what the new mechanic is first.


There are currently 2 definitions floating around:
Trying to avoid domes and dont fighting in domes.
Which one are you refering to?


Most I’m familiar with tend to lump it all together - and refer to any monster who does nothing but flee flee mitigate flee and run to 3 flee engaging as little flee as possible flee the whole time as flee to three.

But if I had to say- id say both.


If it is infact both, yes, this would be a mostly pointless suggestion.
If it is only the indome mitigation that is being removed, while outside the Monster tries to avoid domes, then it a helping hand for new players to get into the game.


Yeah I think daisy is definitely the way to go for novice players as even without the trapper knowing how to use her the other players can attleast know of the direction they need to go in to find the monster , also daisy is useful for filling in for the trapper by either reviving downed players or doing dance depending on variation in the place of the new player