Small suggestions about match lobby and aftercombat report



Would love to see last played matches stats in separate menu accesible thro profile or somewhere else. There could be seperate one for evacuation mode.
It would show the last few games(5 or so) stats for hunters & monster and the quick combat replay.

Also would be nice to be able to look at the combat replay in the after combat progress screen. As there is seldomly enough time to see it in the next game lobby and many times the current lobby closes down and you dont have chance to check it out at all.

When preparing for a random hunt give us a short perioid of time (around 5 secs) to leave the lobby after we see if the monster picked Wraith or one of the real monsters that are actualy fun to hunt. Currently the game just starts outright at that point and yoru choices are either Alt+f4 or wait till the game loads and leave the game, and then look for another chance to have fun with goly or kraken.