Small suggestion: Let us chat after the end of a match



Evolve is a social game and it’s nice to be able to talk to your team after a match and say ‘well played’ or ‘great medicking’ or whatever. It’s also nice to have a word with the monster, if you’re hunters, and say “damn you had some good rock walls”, or vice versa, talking about the match with your hunters.

Right now, at least on PC, you can’t seem to type chat messages during the match end ‘victory’ sequence, and unless I’m mistaken, in the post-game wrapup screen where it awards you your keys and gives you your damage numbers, you can type chat messages but nobody will hear them. (at least I’ve never seen any messages come up during that time)

Is that a bug, or a missing feature? Chatting in between matches would be a really nice feature. Knowing who can see your messages when you type them (between matches) would be a really nice feature. Is anything like that on the cards?


just do

/all before your post while ingame


The point is that during game play your are tied up in playing the game and post play it is nice to communicate.

I agree with this idea and will also add, make it clear who is left to read the messages. I’ve tried typing to people at the end of the match and I’m not sure if they can read it or not.


yeah that makes sense, i hope TRS sees this suggestion.


I want the Map back, what we got after the Game earlier back in the days. It showed the way the Monster was going and which way the Hunters were cutting. Also showed were the domed fights happened and all stuff like that. Was just a small recap of the Game you played before. And in that “Endscreen” you could write with the Hunters or with the Monster. Why this isn’t in Game, dont know. It seems to be really a Beta…


Toxicity, so no thanks.


Still want the after Match Map back, was a nice feature.


The map was great, youre right. But I think it was related to the “find the monster” aspect of the game. Which is now gone.


You’re right. But sometimes weird stuff is happening like “A hunter is respawning” or stuff like that. Sometimes i just want to know what happenend to them. How can they walk into a Plant these days XD Or die to wildlife.
But youre right, the map is more pointless now. Sad :frowning:


They can walk into plants??? :o I thought they had taken everything that’s pointy and not made of soft rubber out of the maps. But…but hunters might get hurt! /s


Saw that really happening some days ago… I rarly find any Plants myself anymore FeelsBadMan… and these plebs know how to walk right into them :frowning:


I’ll just add at the end of the game, there’s sometimes frustration.

Like any online competitive game, things can get fairly heated. I think any form of extended communication at the end is a bad thing.

Play games like League of Legends, and you will see how an end game lobby with chat is a bad move. In custom matches with friends, with the map revie back showing everyone’s play in game, yeah that makes sense.

Competitive matches though, I’m really not sure that would be a good idea. especially in ranked. I’m seeing some fairly nasty chat in games now as it is.

I’d never seen any toxic chat in Evolve before, so I can only think this is another tradeoff of being F2P.


need more reavers…