Small /rant on 4-man groups


Playing in a four-man group is a lot of fun. You and your friends, communication, probably some good play…

If you go into matchmaking, and the unsuspecting 5th person you get paired with appears… say something.

“Hey man, we’re a group of 4. If you’re looking to monster, we’re happy to have you! If you wanted to hunter, hop back out real quick~”

It’s a small amount of effort, but it really means a lot. Especially when someone who doesn’t monster actually plays a round (and gets royally screwed), only to find they’re stuck in monster-mode again.

Please, be kind.


I’ll usually type “We’re a fourman, just so ya know” in case they do want to back out. But a lot of the time I’m…distracted.

My team makes for excellent conversations. :stuck_out_tongue:


Hey, that’s more than enough for me!


I know when I play with my friends we’re in party chat, so not likely to say anything.

But I think it should just be assumed if you’re going to play solo you’re going to be monster against a 4 man.


We usually let the player know after the first game. It takes long enough to find a monster that I’m willing to be selfish to get one game in. What with all the waiting and loading screens most of us usually are alt-tabbed up until character select >.>


Who is on your team?


I switch it up. :stuck_out_tongue: Vasily, ToiletWraith, Shin, etc. Tonnes of peeps.


I’d love to go against any team of yours to test my might. HUZAHH!


Anytime. >:)


TentativePike… you’re on :imp:


We usually don’t tell people unless they ask, because if we do we will never find a monster.
Quitting just because one didn’t become what one wanted, is bad sport.
Ruining a round for four people by forcing an AI just so you can get things your way is not cool.

But if people ask, we tell them, because lying is not polite either.

Here is an example:
A player didn’t get what he wanted, so he quit. And so did the next. And the next. And the next.
Bad sport.


Midnight you play on PC don’t you? I feel like I would’ve seen you or Shin by now on ps4. I play to much. :stuck_out_tongue:


Exactly. All it takes is one good sport and you get lovely smooth lobbies from there.


It is unfortunate that the player base is so small that you have to pubstomp unwilling monsters to have your fun.


im tired of solo searching for monster and getting everything but monster grr i just quit the game everytime I dont get what I want.


Why is this flagged?


I really don’t know.
Perhaps someone thought “unbiased” was a swear word.

I dunno, I responded to a personal attack, which for some reason, was not flagged.

Perhaps I was flagged for responding and not flagging and moving on. That would be understandable.


If I had to guess, I’d say it was because it was useless, petty, and added nothing to the discussion. Hardly seems like a flaggable offense though - if it were there are a lot of threads that would be much shorter…


Since I’m mostly with my team in Evolve playing online ever so often, I usually don’t the tell the monster we a four-man just because i play on PS4. The in-game chat audio of players still pretty bad, so we usually stick with the party audio which is so much better.
Heads up on this, when you are in the party chat audio, you can’t hear or speak to the in-game chat audio.

Also we don’t have a text bar like the PC users have.

I personally don’t like to face someone who felt force into a monster role.


That comment hardly reads like a personal attack to me. It seems like a pretty fair assessment of the bleak situation that is matchmaking on PC.