[Small new idea] Indirect buff to Wraith's map traversing speed through abilities


Wraith is considered very slow, sometimes even called snail. Obviously Movementspeed buffing is not a really good option as it shoud be on par with the other monsters (7.5meters/second I believe). The Warp-Traversal, as stated by the Devs, can not not go farther due to disorienting reasons. It might perform faster or recharge faster, but that would impact combat too much and make Sky-Wraith tactics even more annoying.

What remains is Warpblast. But wait, how about Abduction too?
Abduction has a long travel range already but Wraith moves back to the starting point.
It has some serious disadvantages right now:

  • Missing a injured target gives a lot of time to heal up as the whole animation is performed.
  • It is still messy sometimes
  • Barrages can be placed at the starting point to deal serious and inevidable damage
  • 3 points are barely ever worth it


Super Nova

Instead of duration it gains a speed bonus. The duration should stay around the 2 point or 3 point value.
The speed bonus could level up as follows (does not stack with perks):

  1. +50%
  2. +62.5%
  3. +82.5%

This would give Wraith more speed in a trade off for less sneakyness. It would also make Super Nova’s attacks easier to hit, provide it with a consistent maximum damage output and makes Wraith less of a unmoving target.

I think the main suggestion has been posted some time ago by someone else, so please excuse not giving credit:

Abduction can be cancelled at any point

in the travel by pressing the button again, making Wraith stop where she ended up. This allows to for some counterplay to missing a target as she can stop right next to it and start melee as well as stopping before she travels back into a barrage.
But most importantly she would have a

2nd traversing ability.

To be balanced, the new Abduction would need to recieve the same out of combat mechanics as Leap Smash, Charge and Warp Blast: Increased cooldown. (From 7-9s to 14-18s for example).

Also the range increase from spent ability points should disappear, not only to make the distance less excessive but also because ability points should increase the likelyhood of hitting it. Therefore I suggest Frequency and Range to be replaced by Speed and Grabbing-Area, which level up by 25% and 65% respecitvely.

#Warp Blast
Similar to Abduction, I do not think that more ability points should result in a longer distance but rather in a higher probabilty to hit the intended target. Simply changing Range to Speed would be too strong but if the Radius is changed to Volume, the ability points would n0t make such a dramatic Volume change as they do now.
Speed: +65% at 3 points results in 99% of the Speed at release (was nerfed by 40% in 1.3).
Volume: The Volume in which a hunter can recieve damage increases cubic compared to the radius. (4/3 * Pi * radius ^3), which means it increases by 1.25^3 = 1.953 (95% instead of 25%) at 2 points and crazy 1.5^3 = 3.375 (238% instead of 50%).
Taking the current radius of 2 points (7.5m) as the base, 1 point would then result in 7m (instead pitiful 6m) and adjusting the 3 point buff to 65% instead of the current 50% results in 8.25m (instead of 9m, which is a reasonable trade off as it travels 65% faster too).

#Summary of the Suggestion


  • Can be stopped at any point by pressing the button again, providing a second traversing ability
  • Out of combat cooldown approximatly doubled
  • Frequency and Range stay static at approximatly the current 2 point values
  • Speed levels up by 25% and 65% per point respectively, with 2 points representing approximatly the current values
  • Grab Area, meaning the total area where a Hunter can be grabbed, levels up by 25% and 65% per point respectively, with 2 points approximatly representing the current values
  • 3 point in Abduction thus are much harder to dodge and more worth the ability points

Warp Blast:

  • Range stays static at approximatly the current 2 point value
  • Speed increases by 25% and 65% per point respectively, making 3 point Warpblast 99% as fast as it was at game release
  • Instead of radius leveling 25% and 50% per point respectively, the Volume of Effect levels up by 25% and 65% per point respectively
  • Estimated balanced values: 1 Point results in a radius of 7m (instead of 6m), 2 points remain at a radius of 7.5m and 3 points give a radius of 8.25m (instead of 9m)
  • Like this the Volume levels up from 1437m^3 (1 point/ 100%) to 1767m^3 (2 points/ 123%) to 2352m^3 (3 points/ 164%)
  • 1 Point in Warp Blast gets more viable and kill wildlife more reliable
  • 3 Points in Warp Blast result in a faster Warp but a smaller Blast


  • Wraith can travers the map faster
  • Fewer Points in Warp Blast are more viable
  • More Points in Abduction are more viable


I like the cancellation of Abduct but I don’t like doubling the cool down but I don’t really see a better balance for it.


Double it out of combat only.


I dislike the canceling abduct as wraith is already pretty hard to avoid if she wants to combo into your area. I especially dislike it with the notion of the warpblast changes you suggest. I dislike the idea of even remotely increasing warp blast speed (assuming the detonation would come quicker), absolutely disagree with the notion of increasing its radius at the same time (Warpblast being a 1 point wonder is not what we need again).

I can get on board with making abduction more reliable with more points, but that’s about it! I could get on board with you being able to drop a hunter at any point after you’ve grabbed it (but you’d still traverse the same distance forward and back like you currently do). The reason for this is it would make the wraith more tactically interesting in that a good wraith could drop a hunter in amongst other hunters to maximise the AoE of supernova and/or warpblast that way, while still giving the hunters time to react to that rather devastating series of events.

I don’t feel that anything complicated is really needed for wraiths traversals, she just needs her stamina recharge to be tweaked.

If we were being really out of the box and trying to improve Wraith’s speed through abilities I’d say to hook something up to decoy to give decoy an actual use other than trolling people. Make decoy more like mimic (in that it has health) and that health value increases with more points (thus increasing duration that way) and have wraith’s stamina recharge faster while decoy is out. Makes decoy less frustrating to fight, makes decoy less useful as a dome fight dodging tool, but also gives wraith some benefit to throwing it out anyway in a repositioning sense of things since the wraith should at least get a recharge of one traversal back faster than it would while it repositions. It also means that unlike right now hunters shouldn’t ignore the decoy since leaving it to eventually time-out will only ensure the wraith has more maneuverability against them.

But I wouldn’t touch abduct or warp blast the way you’re saying :wink:


I meant the travel speed only.

When exactly was it a 1 point wonder? When it had a radius of 6.5m or when it had both 6.5m radius and 66.7% more travelspeed?
Right now it seems to be almost worthless at 1 point, besides traversing, and I rarely ever see anyone put only 1 point into it. And as for all abilities which level up radius, it feels much more effective than +50% at 3 points, the change to +65% can not be applied with the current mechanics.

And what if Wraith would stop at the same position where she drops the hunter? That would still be some sort of additional traversal, while she would still have to go all the way forward.

I believe they are already reworking Decoy, they would probably not change it twice in a row.


Definitively an interesting idea.

However, dropping a hunter mid-air can be abused, I guess. You could just drop into a tyrant pit without having to be there at the start of the abduct. But I guess that would be okay because it requires and rewards skill while being not too OP.

Of course Abduct would be used as a traversal. If you consider the abduct range, that would just be a ridiculous range to traverse. So sadly, I don’t see that being possible. Even if it would only work “in combat”. Right after a dome you would be “in combat” and could traverse half the map in seconds.


Well, that is nothing too difficult to adjust and nerf.
The thing is, how far can you buff the incombat traversal recharge without completly negating the effect of stasis or making Wraith close to unhittable when mitigating? And how far can you buff outcombat traversal recharge while still having a notable difference to the incombat traversal recharge? I don’t think there is much space for improvement.

The only values I can find are these:
23 seconds to recharge all 3 traversals outside of combat


Yeah, but I wouldn’t reduce Abduct’s range too much. It’s already almost only used at close range and in open space to deal damage and prevent a hunter from getting away. Not for abducting a hunter from his team mates - which kind of contradicts the original purpose of Wraith. In other words, it’s almost always used as “Come back to me” and not as “Come to me, away from your team mates”.

It’s just very hard to abduct someone away from a good team. Or at least I don’t see it happening.

And if Wraith would have Abduct and Warp Blast as 4th and 5th traversal, I think that may be too much.


Oh that edit! I seen it!


Well, having speed and grab-area increase with points would help that a little.

This is actually one of the reasons why I do not see much of a problem with a range nerf.
The problem about this is, that there are not really that many long paths where a long range abduction works. And if it was better, good teams would be very cautious around these areas, whereas bad teams wouldn’t, making Wraith even more of a pub stomper.
Let’s be real here: Abduction didnt work out as intended and won’t work out in the near future. Maybe a Wraith adaptation can abduct through obstacles and walls? But as it is right now, I think we should forget about Abduction being an actual abduction and use it to give Wraith the speed advantage that she needs.


Don’t think that’s a good idea. The range on abduction is way to beast to double as a traversal. And the cooldown also is to short to double as traversal

Trs would need to nerf it to have less range and a longer cool down before even considering it has a traversal.

The only way to “fix” her speed is to give her her old speed back. Her warp blast and abduction is really good right now. I’m mean abduction grabbing is a little bug at times but overall her skills is balance. No need to change them to accommodate a second traversal in abduction


If you read closely, you will see that I suggested to approximalty double the out of combat cooldown to 14-18s. All 3 traversals need 23s to recharge, so it is approximalty the cooldown of 2 traversals.
Due to the Speed and Area buff from points, a longer basic cooldown would also be justified.
The point is: There is a lot of space for fine tuning and nerfing once it would be in the game, where as right now, there is not much space for buffs…


Small new idea:

Super Nova

Instead of duration it gains a speed bonus. The duration should stay around the 2 point or 3 point value.
The speed bonus could level up as follows (does not stack with perks):

  1. +50%
  2. +62.5%
  3. +82.5%

This would give Wraith more speed in a trade off for less sneakyness. It would also make Super Nova’s attacks easier to hit, provide it with a consistent maximum damage output and makes Wraith less of a unmoving target.


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