Small list of bugs i experienced


To turtle rock here is a list of bugs and glitches I have found while playing evolve.
Wraiths abduction power can push her though the doom. She went to abduct got with in range of the dome and the dome went up fully then on the back swing of the abduct she just phased though the dome.
When a hunter gets incapped and then downed some times their downed body will teleport across the map or fall though it really hurting lazarus gameplay because he will not be able to rez them when he should have been able to.
Sometimes when using goliaths traversal when standing near a ledge you will fly much further then you should have as if you pinged though the map a bit.
At the start of matches daisy will glitch out and run in place for a few seconds before she starts to track the monster
When joining a mid game match and becoming the monster after it has already evolved and then evolving can lose you all previously spent skill points.
I was able to shoot myself out of a man eating plant with cabots railgun. I jumped look down saw it just below me. I panic shoot got trapped for an instant and then freed and no other hunters were near me.
Wild life pushing hunters from the inside to the outside of the dome.
As hunters plz add in a suicide button in options for when you get stuck in walls or something.

edit i play on PS4 all the above happened on that system.


Did they intend Laz to rez people without strikes? If so that is really broken and really unfair to monster players


Ya thats laz’s power to rez with out strikes but the monster can eat the bodies to avoid that or down laz also laz has less healing ability he just kinda has to wait for them to die then bring them back.