Small Issues the Developers Overlooked


Hi everyone. I made this topic to point out some things that TRS overlooked that really bug me. First off I need to point out that my friends and I all experience audio issues like when the monster is evolving and the evolution process becomes silent. All my friends experience this from time to time and it is only a minor issue, but it seems like an easy fix and would make the gameplay so much more flawless. Who likes playing a buggy game anyways?

Another thing that bugs me is the fact that when the monster eats non-meat related food types, such as the Glaciopod Dung or the Purple (Barium?) metal in the crates on the foundry and the mine map, it appears as if you have eaten a corpse. Blood and chunks of flesh appear where you ate the Crystals or the metal. Also very frustrating is the fact that Carrion birds will fly down to eat the leftovers of crystal dung or metal, which makes no sense at all. This makes no sense whatsoever, looks bad, and is a major oversight that would not be too much of a hassle for TRS to fix. Turtle Rock, please notice these little things that make such a great game as evolve seem mediocre. Small things like this should not be overlooked. Another thing that was overlooked was the option to change your hunter teammates when playing in a multiplayer private match. Sometimes I like to play as monster against my two friends but it gets really boring for them to have the same teammate AIs every time, especially seeing how you could let the hunter teammates be changed in solo match, but didn’t add this feature into multiplayer private match.

Thanks for such a great game TRS, you have given me and my friends many hours of fun gameplay, and I’m hoping you can make it better than before by fixing these oversights. Thanks.


I think the blood thing was does on purpose, one of those indirect ways of knowing the monster has been there such as broken trees, corpses, etc. so I don’t think they’ll change that.


I believe it was a way for hunters to recognize that the monster was there eating. And if this little detail ruins the game for you, that’s sad.

Also, the random teammate issue should be in an upcoming patch. The PC has the option as of the last patch, so console should get it shortly.


They tried having birds not coming to the poop, but they found you could just sit in 1 spot and eat all day.
You can still do this in a cave; but there’s less room to escape.


It doesn’t ruin the game, it just makes the experience not as amazing as it could be. I still love the game, don’t get me wrong.


It shouldn’t mess up your experience in any way, sometimes gameplay takes priority over realism, and this is definitely one of those cases.


Yeah but still they could at least remove the splatters of meat and blood.


I’ve settled on assuming that the excrement is just that juicy and red on the inside… and smells strong enough to attract carrion. “Ew” all you want, but we’ve all eaten it!

As for the metal, I assume the blood splatter is from Goliath chowing down on FAKKIN METAL and became the reason he has such a messed up dental job. Seriously, Goliath, wtf?!

As for THAT attracting birds, I haven’t the foggiest… Still kinda wincing from imagining taking a bit ole bite out of a hunk of metal :cry:


Minor details ruining the game is not sad.

I think he is right in expecting a certain amount of polish in a modern game!

The days when the animations of players were an eternal source of slapstick comedy (original CS anyone?) should be over

And I do agree that the experience of Evolve is a bit rough around the edges and things that could be easily fixed are put on ice because new player and weapons skins


But to let it “ruin” my experience… Yea… Not so much.