Small Gripe - Colony Destruction Costs


OK, this isn’t anything major and is a very minor thing but at the end of Evacuation mode where it calculates your score, stats, etc, the amount of destruction you inflicted as Monster maxes off at only $1 million if I’m not mistaken.

As the most valuable colony in the Far Arm, the cost of contruction and colonisation of a planet it feels like it should be higher. I was thinking it should be at like $1 trillion considering how expensive and dangerous it must of been to keep that colony going for 40+ years.

@MacMan @SlabOMeat


Yeah… I kinda thought the same thing myself :stuck_out_tongue:



Currency deflation


Initial damage estimates were revealed to have been greatly underestimated. Recent updates to the damage calculation software have revealed that previous reports were off by a factor of 100. :slight_smile:

(A.K.A. this has been fixed)


What if the cost of items needed to build stuff are very low and you only need a million $$s to build a colony ?


The Dam is basically a spaceship. Not kidding, @Matthew can confirm.

I so wanna know what asset is the most valuable (Except for Lazarus Device, obviously.)


Yup. It’s a high-tech spaceship dam thingy that flies around planets searching for a good place to set down. That ALONE would have cost billions.


The cost should be listed in Keys, not Dollars. But it may be we never got the symbol for Keys in the game.


TF2 crate keys became standard currency?

That’s pretty dystopian.