Small details you've noticed from Evolve?


No and when I played it, you couldn’t sneak past them as well. Well you can sneak ‘past’ them, but you can just activate sneak and walk right over them, they will still be alerted then. And there is absolutly no way you can kill the birds and stop them from alerting the hunters. I guess they created it so you could vent some steam onto the birds by killing a couple of them :smiley:


When was the last time you played? I was fairly certain I’ve walked practically on top of birds while sneaking and they didn’t trigger.


8th of august. I think it was one build before Gamescom. So yea they might have changed it.


Did you have the birds as friends perk that doesn’t have the birds get alerted when you are near them?


Wow, nice find buddy! In the drop ship sequence before starting hunt mode there is a locker that belongs to one of the unannounced hunters ( the name is blurred but I believe it looks like ABE, a Hunter name we’ve heard in voices overs) that has a BLOCH sticker on it. If Trappers own similar weapons (which they seem to) then that locker may belong to Trapper3! Love the small details :smiley:


I did not. I do remember walking practically over top of them, though. Maybe not exactly on top of them, but close enough that I could see the birds hoping around and pecking the ground.


Two things I can think of, both of which are bugs. The first just being a bug that they didn’t notice you, the second being more likely, is that the birds spawned on a previous iteration of that map and did not get ‘cleaned up’ between rounds. We saw something similar with a Banshee Mine in a video that just had the graphic there, but didn’t do anything else. It could have just been a non cleared ‘doodad’ from a previous round.