Small details you've noticed from Evolve?


Was wondering if anyone caught any details of anything in the game people normally don’t talk about!

For example I noticed that the weapons seem to be absent of shell casings for projectile based firearms, which hints that humans have mastered production of caseless ammunition? Which makes sense since Griffin’s Gauss SMG can hold an impressive 60 rounds in a single magazine, disregarding game balance factors of course. Val’s Sniper Rifle seems to be one of the few examples where such weapons still used cased ammo.

Markov’s Assault Rifle is named the Volochyok PV9 based off the render -

Regarding Markov’s assault rifle, the third syllable in the name “chyok” which seems to be pronounced as shock, might indicate his weapon might have lightning properties making it some sort of hybrid ballistic/directed energy firearm making the design quite advanced and relates to his entire lightning based arsenal (lightning gun, and lightning arc mines). This all could be just coincidence, but it does explain the blue electric looking muzzle flash.


I noticed that the bandolier on Griffin’s chest seems to be full of bullets that don’t fit any of his guns.


Вы́шний Волочёк (Vyshny Volochyok) is a Russian town, the name probably has no real relevance to the gun, just helps build the Russian image for Markov. Chyok is pronounced like choke, though it does actually look like shock doesn’t it :stuck_out_tongue: I honestly can’t remember if I ever saw bullet casings, but I wasn’t watching for it either.

What I am curious about is how a hunter can die, then be dropped in. Cloning? Cylons? You tell me :stuck_out_tongue:


Darn, guess I’m wrong on that small detail. D:


That’s because there not bullets, but metal lipstick cases!


Never leave the outback without your supply of Burt’s Bees Chapstick


I noticed Goliath lifting his arm as if to shield himself when he gets shot. I know that’s a kinda obvious one but it’s still a “small detail”.


I’d protect my eyes too, you ever get a splinter in your eye?


I think he means that is all of his female conquests?


I just found out Nordita is the maker of Markov’s lightning gun from the small text on the weapon from the 4v1 interactive trailer.


Gotta love that Plaff… I certainly did.

Bugger all if I remember it as the monster, but it definitely made an impact watching trailers, so its enticing.

Where before you might not be able to invest in interesting animations because they’re not getting noticed enough… now you have spectators and that sort of use-case to be concerned about…and its definitely very cool and visceral there.

Freaking cool stuff.


When Kraken gets out of his cocoon, his appendages stretch out and tense, like how you’d stretch after sitting down for a long time.


I can’t believe I only just realized this, but all the hunters are color-coded by class and characters in the same class also have similar silhouettes. Markov and Hyde both have a lot of dark red on their armor, both are the tallest and bulkiest hunters, and both have a pair of projections over their shoulders; tesla coils in Markov’s case and gas canisters for Hyde. The Supports are both a little shorter, slightly bulky, have an extra pair of jet-thrusters on their legs, and have lots of yellow in their costume. The trappers are all in beige and olive colors and both have a necklace or bandolier of animal teeth, and the medics are all in pale whites and grays with a bit of blue, and they both have those wing-like fins on their jetpacks.


You have an eye of an artist my friend. :wink:


BLOCH is the maker of Maggie’s Machine Pistol. It’s engraved onto the side of the gun. :open_mouth:


I noticed in one match a monster killed the birds he was aout to alert and they didn’t alert the hunters! Note to self; kill all birds.


I’m sure that can’t be right. Can you give a link to that match?


Go to 17:40 and around that time the monster kils birds that are about to fly away.


It may look like that, but as soon as the first bird is in the air (you can hear their charactaristic sound) the hunters will be alerted by it.


Ok I didn’t hear that. Would it be possible to kill them before they rise? Leap smash and fire breath combo? Though it would be easieer to just temporary sneak by.