Small complaint about the bots


I dont know about you guys, but I absolutely LOATH how bots can bump and nudge and push and shove you around all over the damned place when they run into you, but if you ram into them theyre firmly fixed into place like the Juggernaut. I hate when im standing on a pillar, or a a ledge, or looking over a cliff, and durpbot-whoever comes on over going “Oh hey, what chya doin over here?”, only to then bump into me, typically knocking my ass off into the abyss below. If anything, personally, I feel this mechanic should be the -polar- opposite, with players being able to push bots around (its annoying when they get in the way), and we should be unmovable for them.

Am I alone in finding this annoying?


Why you makin fun of @Bot?


hahaha have you ever had that moment daisy is pushing you around into the abyss in the middle of a fight right into the monster hands?

Or daisy pushes you around when you had the perfect point blank aiming as cabot to do a damn headshot and then she comes around with her trollface just to push you away and let you miss your shot? XD seen all that weird things happening hahaha


God, this happens to me all the time T__T