Small Community Suggestions/changes to improve high level play



I want to start by saying that I am not discussing low level play. I understand that there is a significant difference between startup content and endgame content. I started this forum with the intention of trying to encourage the community to suggest SMALL optimizations that could help improve gameplay.

Hi everyone.
I have been playing evolve since a few days after it went stage 2. Since then I have been playing faithfully every day. I don’t necessarily spend all my time on this game, but there are days where I spend the entire day just on evolve. (Just as there are days where I play one match and bounce.)

Obviously after about two or three weeks I started to be matched with players level 35+, and I began to see a dramatic shift in the dynamic of gameplay. Where I once saw players consistently preferring and kicking wholesale ass with the Monster of their choice, I instead began to saw only one or two different Monsters being used consistently, and very few people preferring Monster. As a player who LOVES playing monster, I also began to see how much more difficult it suddenly was.

I’m not ashamed to admit there has been many a time where I have screamed at the screen over some ridiculous exploited mechanic. That said, again, give me salt if I cry you an ocean, but you won’t get a drop from me. I, being an avid Dark Souls player, bit the bullet and git gud like a real scrub should. I now have a pretty decent success rate with certain Monsters.

But it could be better. It could be more enjoyable. I think the devs took a huge step forward by changing the conditions for feeding in the last major update, as it immediately gave me a huge boost on all my monster play, increasing it to about a 50%+ win ratio (which for someone who doesn’t use wraith every match, I feel is pretty dem good.)

So all that said, I want to encourage people to suggest more things like this feeding change here, so that high level play becomes more enjoyable for those of us who have grinded our way up. (Or alternatively, those of you suffering from culture shock after having over-levelled too quickly during the shear madness weekend.)

On to my suggestions:
(1). Not all monsters currently feel balanced. The only monsters I don’t own are Behemoth and Gorgon, and I play with all my lovelies consistently. I only recently started playing with my Goliaths, so I am going to reserve any opinions on their gameplay until I git gud, but I feel like the other three could do with some changes. The Krakens need a slight buff, and the Wraith (I have to admit,) needs a moderate nerf.

  • The Kraken seems to have trouble EVER escaping in high level play long enough to evolve. This is perhaps in part due to janky-at-best flight controls, but I feel like that’s not the core issue. Honestly the thing that bugs me most when trying to get away is the split second after I touch ground. Like it or not, one of the most important things about juking a hunter as the kraken is ground movement, which is slow for these two monsters already. But there is this moment of stagger where you lose all momentum and stand there doing nothing at all as soon as you touch down. This makes me feel out of control of the monster for a second and gives the hunters yet another advantage over me as the kraken when im most vulnerable. And a good team of hunters will always win by splitting up around pillars. I’m not saying this completely kills my ability to win, but for these monsters in particular, that loss of movement on touch-down is a small thing that I feel DOES lower my chances of winning drastically. If I’m faced with a good team of hunters, as a pretty good monster I feel like I should be able to have a 50/50 chance to win if it’s balanced. as the krakens, I dont believe this is the case, it instead feels like the hunters will always win with a above-average team and maybe this small change, or another to the krakens in particular, would fix that.

  • The Wraith is so much fun to play, but it makes me feel like a dirty little girl whenever I whip her out. I know right from the beginning of the match that I’m probably going to win. Now i love the wraith’s movement. I don’t believe that should at all change, but something about the decoy feels like it is playing the game for me. It does WAY more damage than I do, and while I have no control over it… it’s usually going after whatever I am, so it basically starts attacking the hunter I’m focusing on and cuts it down from one side while I do the same on the other with Supernova. It’s evil how fast those numbers flash. I don’t know exactly what needs to be done to balance this monster out, but it SHOULD be done.

(2). The decoy is always a different skin than me… Is that on purpose? It’s a little weird. It’s okay I guess, but it’s a small change that I feel might be better as an option or something… I dunno. Not a huge concern of mine.

(3). Can we do something about this running around in circles thing? Like seriously in some matches the hunter that NEEDS to die first just runs around some rock in circles repeatedly while I try to attack it. While I can sometimes get a hit or two in while they are doing this, I can’t get enough output to counteract whatever healing methods are being implemented, and this literally takes a fair fight and makes it impossible. One of the problems is trying to use any kind of ranged or projectile attack on them while using a slower monster causes it to just barely touch the side of some rock jutting out in the wrong place, and just whiffs my target, can we give projectile attacks some follow through? maybe for things like the banshee bomb it explodes on any surfaces in a straight line instead of on the first surface it touches? Perhaps the Goliath’s jump-smash could grab hunters out of the air and bring them to the ground with him? Just some small ideas on how to fix a gamebreaking exploit ^^ Any other ideas are welcome.