Small bug involving gobi


as crow when you send out gobi he is no longer on your arm, but if you switch weapons then go back to gobi while he is flying you will have gobi on your arm along with one in the air. then when gobi does stop flying and you did not switch weapons (stayed on gobi) the gobi on your arm disappears and the bird which was flying appears there. nothing really big here just a visual bug.


update: to get the effect of gobi disappearing on your arm and the one in air to appear you do this, send gobi out and you switch weapons then back to gobi so he is on your arm while one is flying, then you grapple on to a ledge with the gobi on your arm before the flying one returns for the disappearing to happen.


This bug has been in the game since Crow’s release over a year ago. Not sure why it has never been fixed.