Slower movement for hunters on ps4?


I play ps4 and the last few weeks it seems the hunters are running slower than usual…
I dont know this for sure, but what i do know is that sometimes the running movement doesn’t show…and i also seem to be moving slower at that time…
I tried multiple things to run again (like stand still for a brief moment and try to run again) but it seems it is just bugged sometimes…

Has any1 else had this problem on ps4?


Jetpack thrust is bugged too. There’s really inconsistent dodge speeds, which is why sunny’s boost feels so freaking slow sometimes but other times it feels just fine. I noticed this playing on PC yesterday so you aren’t the only one.


Ah oke so it’s not just me then :sweat_smile:


If you’re running and then suddenly start walking or stop all together I think it’s just your analog stick screwing up. I haven’t noticed any changes in actual running speed on ps4.


Hmmm good idea…i’ll try another controler tonight ;D