Slow Terrain Climb with Jetpack fuel?


I’m not sure if it’s a bug or intended, but if you decide to climb up a tall rock with full jetpack fuel, it wont use any fuel and you climb up it much slower like you had no jetpack fuel in the original game. Can be annoying when a monster is on top of something tall and you need to use your boosts to get up their quicker than just climbing it


It’s always been like that. Climbing up walls has always been ‘slower’ to prevent roaching. You just don’t consume fuel this time around.


This is working as intended. If you have the energy and want to climb quickly you can do a jetpack dodge without pressing any direction and you will boost straight up :slight_smile:


No but this is at the speed of having no fuel from the original which was even slower than if you had fuel and was climbing up a rock


Yes it goes slower but costs no fuel. You get to keep your fuel but you climb slower.