Slow Target buff needs to go!


Playing in hunt 2.0 shouldn’t have buffs to begin with, but the slow buff really is to favorable to the monster especially hen someone uses wraith. For a hunter it doesn’t to much to the monster but on the other hand the monster hitting the hunter is deadly. Slow target with 3 in super nova is gg! You can be the best player in the world and theres no DODGING or getting out of that. So I ask the question… how is that balanced, take it out!


I can’t tell you enough how broken this buff is with the hunters as well, if they have a decent chase team there is absolutely no way the monster can escape even with traversals.

i believe this is the only buff that TRS should consider removing because it swings too hardly right now, or the very least reduce the slow percentage.


On either side it sure as hell needs to go.


Yeah I have always hated this buff, but I hate all of the wildlife buffs.


It’s worse for the monster but is ridiculously power for both sides. I trust in 9.0 to see appropriate changes.


It definitely needs to go. The only buffs that seem balanced are use 35% less fuel when flying/armor regenerates 200% faster, and capacity/birds aren’t scared by you. Every other buff adds a ridiculous imbalance to the game, especially the slow target, poison target, and health regen buffs.


I agree that this buff is far more powerful than most people realize.

But i STRONGLY disagree that its worthless to the hunters. This is easily one of the STRONGEST buffs for the hunters IMO. Its like giving EVERYONE On the steam val-level tranqs. It ruins you on the chase, as well as in the dome. NEVER underestimate the power of this buff- For either side.


Well said. Whenever I see this buff as the monster, I take it regardless of my current buff. It is so… infuriating trying to flee from hunters when they’ve got this buff.


It may be bad for monsters to, but you can’t compare it to wraith supernova, no way!! Or Behemoth roll spam. Nope!!!


Not you too ;-;


As someone who has mostly played monster recently, slow target is brutal against a goliath or wraith. You can’t do crap when you are basically perma-tranqed by all hunters.


I agree with what you are saying, I simply dispise people saying getting hit once or twice with the roll is roll spam.

We played a guy before I got off that literally ONLY roll spammed, it was hilarious and effective. Stupid.
As a Behemoth player I know the hate.


I don’t mind the spam because arrow can heal through it usually, but slow target with roll spam. OP!


Yeah but, you can stay away with jetpack. O.o It’s also not like Wraith can gather all four hunters together in one spot and nova them.

When the hunters have the buff they’re zipping around you while your slow ass is just flailing about.


Nooo!! When you are hit your jetpack becomes null and void. Go ahead and get focused on with a monster that has slow buff, bet you die! and 3v1 doesn’t work as well as 4v1!!


Sku, the roll doesn’t even apply the slow, only melee does you fool.


No, no you can’t. Hunters only have a limited amount of jetpack, and once you get hit, your jetpack slows tremdously.


Poison also wrecks wraith. Would love to have all the perks removed.


60% more capacity balanced? No way. Play as Monster against Slim, Hank and Torvald, all having 60% more capacity. This is not even close to balanced. And the grub is ridicilously easy to kill.

This one actually looks balanced to me.

Back to topic: The slow buff is way too strong for either side. The only thing that makes it seem less powerful on the hunters side is Markov and Hyde not using their bullet weapons.


I don’t know I feel like capacity doesn’t really affect the outcome of the match that much as apposed to the other buffs. And yes poison target is so OP on hunters and monsters side, too much dps and no way to put it out.