Slow Matchmaking? [Xbox One]


I’m having a hell of a time trying to find a game, I can see a few others are having the same issue. Nonetheless, I figured posting here would yield some answers, does anyone know if this is being looked into? And just as a side note; I’ve been perusing about these forums and through all the bad comments about the game, I have to commend the mods, admins and devs for stepping in and talking back with the community. It’s something as an avid gamer, who although is not too keen on getting ‘too’ involved with any kind of gaming forum, finds this kind of interaction very refreshing and humbling to see. I just want to let any staff out there seeing this to know that you’re doing a good job and you have my appreciation and support for keeping it all in line as best you can.

I’m new to the forums but as I said earlier, I have been taking a peek every now and then at the things people have said and how the staff have responded and am happy to have joined the conversation. Anyway, I’ve said my piece, so let the good times roll!


I’m very much having this problem. Currently Level 25 and finding it almost impossible to find any sort of game. Not getting any Evacuation games, only the odd skirmish, if I’m lucky.


Check if your nat type is open


Many people have either taken a break or quit entirely because of the progression loss issue. Hopefully when that is fixed players will return.


It’s always Moderate and even with that being the case, I’m always able to find a pretty much lag-free match.


I can’t even get into a Skirmish game, lol. I guess it really is that slow. If you’re looking for a custom match, let me know, I’d like to start one up as well :smile:


I’m up for a custom match or just anything at all! My gamertag is my screen name