Slims unique grenade mechanic


Just had a random thought, slims healing bug has a unique mechanic in that you press the button and it arms, fires when you release it and then switches you back to your previous weapon. Is there any reason why this mechanic couldn’t be used for all the grenades and mines in the game?


Fun fact, i expected gobi to be like that, the gobi/healing bug controls should be swapped really, gobi should be instant, and the bug should need a second left click.


Yeah I thought that’s how go I would be too. Just press and go.


I like how gobi is. If you press the zoom button while you have Gobi equipped you zoom in very far.


Interesting… I hadn’t thought to try that.


This. I accidentally heal the Assault instead of Trapper sometimes…


Yep it looks like it’s at least 4x, maybe more.


Yeah, took me a while to learn how to KEEP THE BUTTON PRESSED to aim the darn bug.


What? You can do that?!


Yep, and then there is an arrow above the character the bug will fly at, took me my mouse to get stuck for me to notice xD


I knew there was an arrow…I never knew you could hold it and aim. Facepalm.


Ah well, now you know it.


I didn’t figure that out for a while either. It’s strange that it’s the only thing in the game with that mechanic.


It feels out of place, yes. :confused:


wells thats fine cause you can just spam the bug again for the assault