Slim's spore vs Kraken


So slim’s spore isnt as effective/ is way harder to use vs a kraken. What if when you shot the spore, you could hit the trigger button so it would go off in the air instead of needing to hit something? Then it would cover an area in the air in the dome. Thoughts?


[sarcasm on]

I think that ideally spore bombs could stick to monster and permanently make him blind wherever he goes!
This is good direction to change Slim to :thumbsup:

[sarcasm off]


I don’t know, they did this to Hyde’s Toxic Grenades and I’m not sure I like it. Ever since they gave them the proximity detonation I feel like I don’t have the option to throw grenades near Kraken without them going off too close to them.


So you reply with a smartass tone like this would be over powered, but did you consider that if they switched to this style there would be other ways to nerf it? i.e. Making smaller radius. Would this style not make it more user friendly?


Im not talking about proximity det. 1 Fire spore cloud with trigger button. 2 press fire a second time to burst the spore so it aiming, trajectory, then timing.


It’s a neat idea, but has been discussed in the past and I think was overruled just due to how out of place the ability to do so was especially for a simple launcher, and the core reason why Kraken isn’t affected by Spore Clouds as much is because he just glides out of them without the slightest care in the world.

Slim will always be less effective against Kraken. Slim is designed to work best against slow, clunky targets. I don’t agree with that design decision considering there’s also a flying squid and a teleporting ninja in this game but I’ve given up trying to suggest ways to normalize the playing field.

Also a lot of people on these forums will do everything to talk Slim down. They want nothing more than to see this character nerfed into the dirt because they refuse to adjust their playstyle.
So inb4 “Don’t buff Slim cus Kraken is the only counter” arguments.


Well, in your original post you mentioned just buffing it. Not nerfing.
And buffing it - while many players see it as unplayable and broken - is definitely bad idea. This is my personal opinion of course. Others can disagree.

But if you mean, that you would consider changing this ability, like making it more applicable to Kraken, but at the same time seriously decreasing its strength - then yes, it could be good idea, depending on details.


Rick, I do not think this is fair. Everyone has right to his own opinion. Especially that this one is related so much to personal abilities (like seeing).

I cannot see hunters when Slim spams spores. There is nothing I can change in my playstyle to deal with it. Whether I have any chance or not it actually depends on hunters: for example - if they split to chase me around the map, etc. But if they keep together, or simply camp relay, and Slim focuses 100% on spores, I cannot do anything.


I’m sorry you feel that way.
I didn’t mean you, by the way. Your issue is entirely justified due to the Spore Clouds being far too effective on 1 player and useless against the other. It was admittedly your first post in this thread that ticked me off and made me write my post the way I did, though.

My problem lies more with the Monster players that I encounter in-game who will try to incapacitate a trivial Hunter like the Trapper in a defensive comp like Slim+Hank and pay no attention to Slim at all, like letting him stand right next to the Monster at all times for a massive healing output.
Players that don’t see the effectiveness of a hit&run playstyle against Slim to massively cripple his healing output.
Then I recognize these players’ usernames on the forums claiming Slim’s healing output is too high.


inb4 @10shredder00 expresses his hate for slim.


Yeah… I hate this thread so I’m just like… not coming here.

I hate spores in their entirety. The last thing they need is to be buffed even more, especially considering how ridiculous Slim is, healing and spores.


As a slim player I am so tired of spores. Im tired of slim’s healing getting slammed hard with the nerf stick because spores work too well sometimes and Im tired of getting slammed hard myself when playing because they sometimes have 0 effect on the monster or the map Im playing on has 0 bushes/trees.

At this point just give me some random buff or the monster some debuff while in them and remove the blind. Or give them a cooldown and make them flashbangs.