Slims spore gun


Continuing the discussion from Medic Buffs:

How to make spore Launcher usefull. Make things that stand in it un smellable (concealed) from distance. Bam sneaking up on monsters possible.

So basically reverse how it is now.


imo it seems too game changing for a single skill on a hunter , think if u combed this with the jet pack / speed boosting sup and harassed the monster constantly all the way to stage 3 with this kind of ability, it would just b silly on top of the fact sense is prity meh unless u take multiple or a big perk in it , barely giving u a single corner of warning most of the time. witch also would making any dome fight statistically harder coz u took smell range not dmg / dmg resistance. i think its all well and good haveing indepth tactics and ability’s u can do but the monster needs some form of counter play to it as it is allready very one sided as it is for the hunters team.


Make hunter names and lifebars grey and make their name only appear as “Hunter”. Monster can still see in the cloud, but he can’t smell the medic any more. Will make focussing harder, but not to hard, if you recognize the shapes of the characters.

Another option would be: hide lifebars. Monster cant smell your wounds anymore while in the cloud. The monster wouldnt see your state of health, nor see if you have any strikes (would need to use memory on who it downed).


That wouldn’t be even remotely useful 99/100 times because against a Slim comp you know you want to down either Slim or Hank from the start.


Which part? Obscuring hp is also a good way. I often thought it myself.


Dont you think it would be more difficult for the monster to see who he needs to focus if there wasnt the name tag written in medic blue? if he had to rely on visuals only? I’m not saying it is downright impossible, I’m just saying it would be a little harder, probably just enough for the monster to be wanting to move out of the cloud. Same for the “cant see your health” thing. If I dont know how close I am to downing the medic, I’d rather quit the attempt and leg it if the dome comes down.

I will want to move the fight out of the cloud. Which in my opionion is all the Spore Cloud needs to be doing.


Another idea, which is kinda Slim specific, so it wont help other hunters as much:

Spore Cloud:
Fill the air around an area with Insects obscuring the Monsters sight. Healing drone does not take damage while inside the spore cloud. Also, while inside the cloud, the monster can not see Slims Leech Projectiles return back to Slim.

This would make it optional to use on Hunter or Monster. When used on Hunter, the Healing drone would act as permanent Heal over Time. When used on Monster, Slim would be hidden a little bit better.



in a way giveing slim blind CC? on top of his 3 healing abilitys in the process removeing the counter play mechanic for his healing drone? not sure he needs it he is a prity effective medic anyway spore cloud just turning off the monsters ability to smell for XX secs, would have its uses , as the monster flees a dome and finds it harder to see birds and quickly find his meals to recover , haveing it obstruct view could b good but it should also b a hindrance to the players aswell maby a slow aoe for both sides?(it should b possible to make a bad play with it and mess up a teamfight just how a monsters mistake can cost him the game not, coz like that missing just means u run to the cloud to get a perma drone u carnt make a mistake with it its only less or more effective) then i could understand the perma healing drone MAYBE and i could understand if slim himself waz immune to the slow/ negative spore cloud effect with him being his buggy race and all but not all other hunters. also monsters are so big, blind fireing into the cloud isent gonna lose u that much dps anyway so it just seems like another hill ontop of a mountin of abilitys hunters can have that the monster must “climb” to win a team fight imo.


I didnt mean you couldnt look in or out. That was sort of flavor text as to why the drone cant be hurt (because you cant See it in all the bugs) the only thing the monster wouldnt be able to See would be the leech bullets flying back to Slim, he would Even See Slim just fine if he looked in his direction. Slim could try to hide his Position better and mit be focussed instantly