Slim's spore gun tag removing "bug" cloud


Noticed a few things that Slim’s spore cloud just removes from the game when you use it in combination with Abe, Bucket, & Cabot, Griffin Crow.

Basically what happens: Abe darts the monster, Slim shoots a spore grenade at the monster and the dart tag is removed. Bucket does a UAV on the monster, Slim hits the monster with a spore cloud. UAV tag is removed.

Same for Val, Griffin and Crow where their tags get interference from the spore cloud. We couldn’t recreate those bugs every time, but the spore cloud does something with it.

The bug makes playing abe + slim pretty darn impossible when you need to focus on the tag and you want to keep the monster from smelling. One player needs to stop using his skill atm, and both are kinda important.


i hope it isnt a bug, lol sounds kinda fair XD


Wait, how does Slims spore cloud interfere with Vals tranqs? They’re both medics


Indeed, was a bit late yesterday :stuck_out_tongue: I meant the same animation thingy as crow, that would be Cabot, not Val :stuck_out_tongue: