Slim's spore cloud launcher


No, this thread is not what you’re thinking it is, don’t worry.

@MacMan, I noticed that the sound you get when you switch to the spore launcher is the same as Caira’s weapon switch sound. Since I’ve heard it, I can’t stop hearing it. Any possibility that its own sound or one that doesn’t sound like 3 chambers rotating will be implemented in the future? Tier 5 can wait :P.


I was about to find one of the wildlife memes of It’s this thread again. :stuck_out_tongue:


Lol you should add audio to the title so people don’t think it’s that kind of thread


Well, it’s funny for people to think it’s that kind of thread. I want the keyboard warrior legions to be dispersed as quickly as they form.


While you’re at it. Make the whirling-sound of the grenade louder or more noticable, I absolutely love hearing that grenade fly by !