Slim's Spore Cloud Launcher lvl 3


So I’ve been trying to get Slim’s Spore Cloud Launcher to 3 stars but it seems impossible. I’ve read that you have to shoot the monster directly with the spore cloud and then manually revive a teammate. My issue is that I am shooting the monster dead on from about 10 ft away with the launcher but I’m not getting any direct hit icons popping up and when I revive teammates it doesn’t count even though I did exactly what the challenge is asking me to do. Is my game glitching out on me?! How the hell do you complete this craptastic challenge?!


Just shoot a plant or other creature while picking someone up. Unless it was patched/fixed this past patch. I just did rescue, found a carnivorous plant, launch my bug and shoot the plant. Took only a few games.


Well I was reading that you have to manually pick ppl up, as in you can’t use the bug and the challenge clearly states “hit the monster with the spore cloud” so I don’t see how shoot plants/wildlife is “the monster”.


They reduced it to 10 and you can also use your healing drone.


Well I know but my problem is my game isn’t registering my direct hits and now I’m confused as to if I even need to shoot the monster. This challenge is so poorly worded its bordering on broken. I mean the in game description apparently doesn’t even tell you what is needed in order to complete it?!


It says monster, but it is bugged atm. Hence why I said that it worked for me and should still work unless patched/fixed.


The monster needs to be in the spore cloud at the time of the revive.


Well apparently that does work, they seriously need to patch this shit though this challenge is so broken it’s not even funny. Still doesn’t explain why my game isn’t giving me direct hit notifications even though I am clearly hitting the monster directly. Seems like the last patch must have broken something.


Well apparently not cause I just got points towards the challenge by hitting wildlife with the cloud.


Yeah I know I’m just saying the legit thing would count is only if the monster is in the spore cloud at the moment.


Gottcha they really need to fix this lol. Also can someone tell me why Slim is the only character in the game you can’t purchse weapon skins for?


The spore gun radius was reduced by 20%, but the visual hasn’t changed I believed.


He’s not. Nobody from T4 have weapon skins. They offered predator skins for a few characters including Sunny and Torvald, but those have since been removed.

Also, I agree that this challenge is bogus. It was my last thing to do with Slim back when it was still 50. I gave up after several infuriating games hoping they would lower the requirement. Last night I went at it again thinking ten wouldn’t be so bad (I only need 8) and I didn’t get one point towards it.


The plant needs to chomp a player? Or just be near it? Can it be any wildlife?


You can shoot the spore gun on a live plant and it counts that as the monster being in a cloud when you rez someone. It’s bugged. Any wildlife counts, but plants don’t move and make it easy.


Well yeah I mean I have predetor skins for all T4 except Slim who I have yet to see one alternate skin besides elite for.


Well, I’m sure we’ll get a medic challenge soon and that’ll change. Believe me, I’d love some T4 skin packs. I keep wondering where they are. More Behemoth stuff would be great too.


Ok, !thank you! I’ll try that since it’s my only mastery left for Slim.


Easiest way I found was do Barracks with the electric fence map perk (Cuts map in half) rescue, Behemoth. The first wave of rescuers are usually in the cave area. There are 2 plant spawns outside the cave. Got it really quick. Don’t bring Maggie as Daisy is one more person rescuing people far away.


Well thanks for the help I finally got Slim to elite now.