Slim's spore cloud broken, or nah?

I made a post that turned into a heated debate. Damn :frowning:

Nah shredder hates slim with a vengeance and macman responded this time it was bound to happen

Guess he had enough.

maybe he did grow tired of it maybe he didn’t we just knew shredder would eventually get a chance to argue with someone who could make a difference probably just no idea how it would go

Not too good, I would say.

he feels strongly about it so I mean you have to respect his repeated efforts im going to leave it at that so I dont accidentally say something offensive

Good way of ending it. I can delete threads, right?

The Idea for spore was creative… but it is inherantly flawed because its effectiveness varies from person to person. For example, for @10shredder00 it is like putting screwdrivers in his eyes while for me it is annoying af but I can deal with it since I forget to press smell during combat and am used to not having full hud info at all times.

It would have been better as something else but we have it now so I will agree to the current changes being made.

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This seems to me like if you don’t pick Maggie, you are more likely to lose as a Hunter.
Since a good Monster will evolve to stage 2 around the 2-3 minute mark, and leave little to no tracks.
I’m kind of hesitant to play Abe these days, since it seems late game hunters are not so good anymore.
And with the carrion bird changes, it makes Maggie all the more essential since some Monsters can Evolve to level 2 without ever alerting birds.

Perfectly stated.

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I’m glad to see you’re still tuning it and I hope you figure out a way to clarify the borders of that cloud (and Hyde’s cloud too, please!). I love that you guys take weird design risks like this, but Slim’s cloud tests monsters in areas that aren’t particularly fair - notably, the size of their television and the acuity of their vision. I’ve always found Slim a bit of a pushover since his cloud rarely affects my vision at all. It’s especially weird to see him in a world where exists, as he makes the battlefield unintelligible from the monsters perspective and without good pattern recognition the player is fundamentally seeing something different than his or her viewers. I really appreciate any and all design moves towards further visual clarity.

pretty sure it would be fine if u guys would just remove the spoore animations

those things are everywhere

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seriously the best option to go from here. i am perfectly fine fighting non highlighted no hp bar hunters if the stupid green spores arent floating everywhere.

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yep and instead of making it that easy to see ure targets (lets be honest if u see the healthbars its easy) we should nerf it step by step

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