Slim's spore cloud broken, or nah?

NOW. back then you werent. t4 launch was rough.

##Stage 1 Monsters Before:

##Stage 3 Monsters Before:

##Stage 1 Monsters Now:

##Stage 3 Monsters Now:

Being a bigger target just makes it oh so much worse.


That comment was made about Scorpid’s Spore cloud, which actually turned the screen so green with a screen overlay, HDR settings and particle effects and burred it so that you literally couldn’t see anything inside of the cloud.

With Slim, the idea with the spore grenades was simply that it removed the outlines and health bar from the Hunters while you are in the cloud. Your vision would not be obscured by a screen overlay, blurring or cloud particles. There is no flashbang type effect (for you CS players). You’re seeing the world naturally, the way Hunters typically see it, so I don’t think the above quote applies to Slim’s Spore Cloud grenades.

Some people manage just fine versus Slim while other people seem to struggle. His win ratio is currently 46.4% so he’s not exactly crushing.

That said, we get that it can be frustrating to fight against, particularly for some people. Since Slim’s release, we reduced the grenade radius in one update, and reduced the duration in another. The duration matches the fire rate now, which means that Slim can only keep you in a cloud if he’s doing zero healing. He must use the leech gun to generate healing, so Monsters who effectively damage hunters tend to shut down the use of the spore cloud.

In the next title update, Monsters will get the outlines and health bars back on Hunters that they damage inside of the cloud (.5 second) in a similar way to how you reveal a cloaked Hunter when you damage them (also .5 seconds).

Additionally, we are trying to clean up the FX a bit, to make them less overpowering. The struggle here is that player feedback was that they wanted to know when they were in a cloud or out of it. Floating spores were used to communicate that. If we back off on the FX too much, it then becomes less clear to monster players that they are in fact, in a sport cloud and they may be confused as to why the Hunter outlines turned off in the first place.


The graphics remind me of MGS chaff grenades :stuck_out_tongue:

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idk maybe its cuz i have ADD pretty bad. but small flickers of color attract my attention really badly. even in real life. when someone has a pepper stuck in their teeth its like i tunnel into it and cant see anything else lol.

so with that…is there any chance that we could lessen or remove the floaty particles that happen when you are in a spore cloud. i mean, I dont need floaty green orbs to tell me im in the cloud. I can clearly see the hunters are not highlighted and the HP bars are gone.

Thank you kindly.

All Abilities do get better when you put more points into them. Radius’ get larger, speeds get faster and cooldowns can get shorter. This enables Monster players to land the attacks more reliably and possibly hit multiple targets with each attack. It might be less tangible than straight up damage increases, but the end result is largely the same.

Currently Stage 1 Monsters have a 17.7% win ratio.
They deal 2391 damage per round.

Making it to Stage 2 increases your chances of winning to 54.9%.
They deal 7128 points of damage.

And making it to Stage 3 means your chances of winning are now 72.8% in your favor.
Damage output increases to a whopping 12,787 damage per round, ~6 times the amount of damage done by Stage 1 Monsters.


Just some context for clarification.

Scorpid USED to be able to do this:

Theres like 3 hunters on screen at this point (Scorpid is looking down at about a 45 degree angle, at the ground in front of his feet here). Ones directly in the center. Were not talking about simply removing some visual information, were talking full on blinded cant see in front of your face. It clouded them. It clouded the monster. It blinded everyone. Full on pea soup cant see anything at all, blinding.

Edit: Seems @macman beat me to it haha. Oh well, hopefully a visual will help things a bit.

Personally- I do NOT find slims spore cloud to be an issue.

What i DO find to be an issue

Is being in slims spore cloud

While jacks repulsor is tethered to you, putting a big opaque green wall in your face.

As sunny is lobbing mini nukes at you.

I can see what the hell im doing, let alone track the hunters. I feel jacks, but more importantly sunny- could have some tweaks here. Her damn explosions alone WITHOUT slim and jack are visually disorienting for me-

As in moments such as this

Or this

Or this

This is a nightmare when im the monster and these go off on my screen lol. Those explosions are BIGGER than the behemoth theyre hitting. They look- utterly amazing, but Eegads!


I imagine that this type of cloud would be much more disorienting than a spore cloud. There are probably golf balls, soccer balls, bowling balls, and all sorts of other dangerous particulates floating around in it and it also probably smells a lot worse than a spore cloud.


At least you can grab a gatorade afterwards.

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Personally, my main hatred for Slim is the fact that his spores are completely spammable and a good Slim will always have you in a spore cloud while healing everyone, negating all damage you’re currently doing. I can find and fight invisible Hunters no problem however when I’m in a spore cloud the game is impossible. It is rare that anyone will ever see me win against a Slim and that’s because of many factors.

I enjoy playing the game at 120 FOV allowing me to see much more of the world than I could normally, along with that I enjoy playing on the lowest gamma possible, it makes the game look better and I typically do enjoy seeing more vibrant colors. To fight Slim I would have to turn my FOV down and my gamma up. I don’t like the fact I have to change my settings to make the game even playable when I fight him. As in the past he never bothered me because no Slim was very experienced but now I only fight Slims that know how to multi-task and it makes my life a living hell as I can play Evolve for hours on end without any lapse in fun but give me one single game against Slim and I’ll get so mad I’m ready to completely erase Evolve from my hard drive.

I’m very glad though that you and the team are looking at him and trying to make him less impossible for those who have trouble in the spores like myself. I look at these changes mentioned and hope that it fixes my issues with the cloud but I’m skeptical as I know very well it could change nothing.

Mainly because, although Slim’s spores aren’t nearly as bad as Scorpid’s in appearance
They have the effect on me that this would, complete disorientation and plainly not fun. I feel it may just be because I’m the size of a small house trying to kill tiny humans in a very plain color pallet environment but I’m not sure, it’s just impossible for me to fight him.

As for your second post, I know that abilities do get better as you upgrade them, it is just that I, personally, feel that I don’t get stronger between stages. I just feel like a bigger target, I take three abilities at Stage 1 and get the fourth one at S2 while upgrading my others, I almost never go S3 purely because I feel like a larger target. I have better abilities yeah, but my melee is consistent through every stage, my abilities no longer increase in damage, and I become larger.

I don’t feel like a giant threat like I used to when I played Monster. It establishes the feeling of becoming, better (for lack of a better word) instead of stronger. Stage 3 is about as menacing to me now as a Stage 1 with a 1,1,1 spread.

Just how I feel about the changes, that along with other changes from the Hunt 2.0 update, mainly domes but I know those are also being looked at.

Anyway, before I end up derailing this thread I’ll stop here. If you want to discuss further feel free to PM me.

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I would love to see this data plotted amongst alongside the ranks

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I’m glad you’ve cleared this up, for the umpteenth time. I always see people using that quote out of context to justify nerfing the Spore Cloud.

Not to mention at stage 3 hunters basically get to choose WHERE the monster will HAVE to fight them- Which quite often results in fight locations that are SO beneficial to the hunters that it damn near negates all the “Advantage” you get from going to stage 3.

Its sad watching monsters like Legendary manage to get to stage 3, full health, full armor, and then lose without so much as a single strike against hunters at the relay- Because they were able to best him with masterful tactics such as “run around this rock” :frowning:

I still think relays should be damageable objects like the power generators in defend. This way the hunters know where youre going to have to go, but will still have to HUNT the monster (albeit to a less degree), which is imo, the core premise of the game and primary mode.


The damage value is consistent, but the range/area of melee attacks increases dramatically with each Monster stage.

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But that is how they used to be, not how they currently work.

This means Slim has to choose, Healing or Spores. Now while a good Slim can get his team to keep you in the cloud so he can switch to the Leech Gun for Healing, it’s not nearly as bad as it used to be.

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Hence why S2 is usually the game-ender for me. Stage 3 is kinda just a last resort.

@TomsMeatPlatter Thought the spores still had their 5 second duration with only like a 2 second reload or so meaning he could spam them oh so easy.

Kind of.

Almost any and EVERY slim, rocks reload-

And when hes rocking reload, he can empty his shotgun

Swap to spore, Boom “CANT SEE CANT SMELL!”

And then swap back to the now freshly reloaded shotgun,

and proceed to repeat the process. Without skipping a beat, because the reload times overlap so nicely.

Yes but then what are the options?

You can nerf Reload Speed, but that effects EVERYONE

or you can increase the reload times for Slims kit, which then practically guarantees everyone will run Reload Speed and make him unplayable without it.

It also assumes Slim has good enough aim to hit all the shots necessary for the Heal Burst and that the Monster is stationary in the Cloud. One of the first things I do is either Hard Focus Slim or put as much distance between us then re-engage

Hmmmmmm that green cloud actually looks useful to me as a hunter and fun. I mean you said so yourself the monster is also blinded by this. And since being in FPV is much easier to see what\s what and looking for a large target rather then vice versa.

I actually woldn’t mind if that became a monster ability (I guess if you got rid of the slow down just blindness would be fine)